Our fashion Story ! Cute or Cool ?

👗With a Girl around the major benefit is the dressing. But frilly frocks ? Noooo, that’s not what we like. Tom boyish clothes, short skirts with T-shirts, Crop Top with Shorts, or collared frocks is what we adore.Yes that’s our fashion style, I don’t like buying cute clothes but I like buying cool clothes for her.My fashionista loves wearing new clothes, she judges herself on how she is looking, also judges my clothes & if I wear something that she rejects, then she brings the roof down. So I need to loyally listen to the fashion tips that she gives me.

This post is about how I shop for Avisha.

👗We shop occasionally depending on our needs or rather say our mood, shopping a lot makes no sense because the kids tend to out grow their clothes soon & also I get bored of looking at her wear the same clothes I need to see her in new clothes, I like it that way.

👗We prefer online shopping, Hopscotch or First Cry & if there is any where else that I need to go then it would be Westside, Mother care, The Children place, Big Bazaar or H&M. I don’t like to spend much on her clothes, because it’s waste of money so we target the sales, we hit the stores when there are huge discounts running and also shop during the online sale.

📿Her House Wear :We prefer Simple Soft clothes for the Summer, something which is sleeveless that makes her look Cool as well as she is comfortable.

📿Park Wear :Park Wear is always a t-shirt along with Shorts or Tracks, tracks preferably because she shouldn’t spoil or hurt her Knees.

📿Relatives House Visit :This is when the frocks come out, she should look a little girly right ? 😉 That’s the reason why I make her wear frocks 😋

📿Weekends :We prefer wearing new clothes as we click a lot of pictures during the weekends and as I told you I don’t really like to repeat her clothes for pictures. The weekend wear includes Tops, Shorts, playsuits, skirts etc. Whatever is new in the Wardrobe

📿Functions :It’s only for the functions that those frilly frocks come out & I haven’t bought any for her it’s always the gifts, I still prefer wearing her nice Tops with Tights or Skirts.

📿Night wear :We have a mixture of full sleeves as well as half sleeves t-shirts along with full pants. Full sleeves is because of the Air conditioner. We don’t opt for thick night wear, as it’s more of summers here we opt for very light, soft cotton & also try to avoid dark colours.

♥️Some tips :

  • Prefer opting for clothes which can be mixed & matched with each other.
  • If your buying 4 t-shirts then you can buy 2 shorts.
  • If in case your buying 10 sets then you can buy 2-3 big ones out of that, so that it can be preserved for the future.
  • Set up a budget for clothes, for toys and stick to it (which is really tough), this really helps.
  • Stick to your brand’s, if you feel a particular brand has suited you stick to that.
  • Check on child’s comfort first and then the design.
  • Try experimenting with colours apart from the normal pink & blue.
  • Ask your kid to choose, they start developing fashion sense right from a young age.
  • If you feel the kid has started crying after wearing a particular dress then remove it right away.

We love shopping and also wearing new clothes so this is what we follow and this is how we shop. Do let us know your tricks on shopping for your little one. 🥰

Nimyle – Power of Neem

All of us know on how Neem has been used since Ancient times, it has been used to cure a lot of diseases, it’s used as a soothing agent and also as an antiseptic.

We have come across a lot of products that contain Neem along with various other chemicals to use as a floor cleaner. But how about having Neem as the major ingredient without any other harmful chemicals.

Nimyle !! Nimyle is one such product which works as a very effective floor cleaner without any other harmful ingredient.

Refer the image below to see the ingredients :

Why do you think we are giving so much importance to A floor Cleaner ?

Well with kids and pets at home it’s really important to have a safe floor cleaner.

Avisha is someone who still ☘️Eats from the floor, ☘️Sits on the floor most of the time, ☘️ Sometimes when tried even sleeps off on the floor.

Considering all these things, I really need to have a safe floor cleaner. It was after the experiments shown by the experts that I got to know what actually the other floor cleaners are containing.

The right products are now available from a very well known brand, which is what matters. I trust Nimyle and have made the switch. Have you ?

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Kids Fun, Mommy’s Run 💟

It’s summer and kids love being outdoors.

It’s the best activity & also has a lot of Benefits :

  1. Kids get exposed to other kids so that results in increase of Immunity.
  2. In the Evenings they place so much which results in improvement of Diet.
  3. They tend to get so tired which gives them a good night sleep.
  4. They learn to socialize and also become strong.
  5. They become an Active baby and will love being outdoors and not be the kid who would always want to be at home. Where do you think is the best to take them and go ?

Well for us on daily basis it’s the nearest parks. But a child friendly park on Harrington road is tough to find. Do we have an alternative ? Oh yes we do. We’ve got MCC school. Which not only is Avisha’s favourite but all of us at home love the place because of the walkers club that they have.

Avisha’s fun time becomes our fitness time. All of us i.e My In Laws, My Husband, & me have registered for the walkers club and we go there not only for our morning walks but in the Evenings too either of us take her to the park. It’s very close to our house so I don’t carry much stuff, just her water bottle, a Napkin & something to Munch on. May be a Banana or a Cheese Slice.

They’ve got a huge ground so Avisha loves running around, also they have a small play area with Swings, Slides & Marry go Rounds. She enjoys the Marry Go Rounds the most.

I wear her Comfortable cotton clothes, a T Shirt & Shorts may be along with Crocs or Shoes. She is not that comfortable with Sandles as she doesn’t like Mud on her feet.

Alternatively on Saturdays or atleast twice in a Month I try taking her to the Chetpet Eco Park, where she sees a lot of Ducks, Fishes, meets other children, walks around the Water Pond.

What are the safety measures to be taken at such places :

  • Make sure the kid doesn’t throw or eat the Mud.
  • Never leave the child unattended while on any play equipment.
  • Follow the rules of the park.
  • Make sure that the Child is not hurt or doesn’t hurt any other kid.
  • Beware of Mosquitoes, either wear the kid full clothes or apply a mosquito repellent. (Mama Earth is the best)
  • Try going before 5.30 so that it isn’t dark.
  • Make sure the kid doesn’t touch any harmful thing or any Animal which is around the park.

Next, Coming to things to carry :

  1. Extra Pair of Clothes & Diaper.
  2. Water & Snacks.
  3. Mosquito Repellent.
  4. Baby Wipes.
  5. Napkins.
  6. A Lotion (In case of any hurt or Mosquito bite)
  7. Sunglasses & Hat if incase your going early like around 4.

Few things that we shouldn’t stop the kids from :

  1. Running about & Exploring the place.
  2. Trying new play equipments.
  3. Talking to other people & Kids.
  4. Playing in the Sand.

To enter MCC you will have to take the annual walking membership which is around ₹ 700-800 & the ECO park would cost you around ₹ 20-30 per person and free for the kids.

Eco park also has a lot of food stalls plus they also have boating, we haven’t been for that though.

They have also got decent washroom

This Post is part of the Prompt : If you Love Nature you will find beauty everywhere.

Parks are the best place to find Nature and the best way to keep the kids occupied during Holidays.

Additional Tip : If your going to a Huge Park then you should carry a pram or a tricycle along so that the child can enjoy the fresh air even after getting tired.

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The Wean off Process !

In India, we Breast Feed our littleones for more than a year, but medically its more than enough to breast feed a child until 1 year or max to max 1 and a half. I agree there would be an argument that in olden days people used to feed until 3 years of age, but on the contrary I would say that was possible and beneficial because of the food they ate. We don’t eat that kind of food so I would suggest feeding only for a year.

I would support this for a few more reasons :

1. After the age of 1, kids need some additional nutrients in their body, which only food can give and not breast milk. Nursing kids always tend to eat less, which brings a short fall in their nutrients.

2. Kids get addicted to their mothers feed, which is a trouble to wean off later.

3. The mother’s body gets effected.

4. They don’t like the taste of cow’s milk, so chances of adapting the Cows milk taste becomes tough.

5. The Mother’s stress also goes down as Breast feeding results to mood swings.

6. Increase in the Little ones diet.

A few things to remember before we start the wean off process :

1. Mom’s need to mentally prepare themselves to wean their kids off as it brings in a lot of changes into your body as well as emotionally.

2. Breast feeding is definitely a beautiful creation by God and it’s one of the best thing a woman can do, so letting that feeling go involves a lot of strength.

3. You need to make yourself & your family members understand that the baby will cry a lot.

4. You need to think of various ways to divert the baby.

5. Your husband or co family members play a major role in this.

6. No matter what happens don’t go reverse and start feeding the kid again.

7. Don’t try to adapt the baby for bottle feed in sleep.

Alternatives to Breast Feed :

  • If your baby is already more than a year then you can start with Cow’s milk after discussing with the doctor.
  • Make sure your baby eats proper meals especially for dinner.
  • It is ideal to give the baby at least 500ML of milk in a day.

How to start the process :

A Mom will always know on when to wean the baby off. So when you think the time has come, start with the day first, once you succeed with that then you can start with the nights.

Try to make the kid very tired throughout the day and give them a heavy dinner, so this automatically will make the baby feel sleepy.

Create an atmosphere for sleeping where to take the kid into the room half an hour before sleeping time, do some massage, give them a good wash, change their clothes, play with them & also read some books.

Now the baby will ask for Milk, so when she/he does make the baby understand that the milk is over. There are a lot of people who apply Neem oil or something sour, you can give it a try but that didn’t work for me.

You can divert the baby while he/she is taking feed by playing with them or talking to them or telling them stories, that didn’t work for me either.

After discussing with a lot of doctors I then decided to Go Away from Avisha, so she would forget, that’s what worked, I agree this is tough for women staying without their in laws or whose parents are away. In such cases the husband should take the lead.

This really works, go away for 4-5 days and after your back also if the baby asks you for milk then give the baby a glass of milk and not breast milk. Try getting the baby used to style of sleeping. May be hugging a teddy, hugging you, rubbing their head, or smell of a particular blanket, a particular song.

All these things work well. There are many ways to opt, you just need to experiment, try different things and see what works well.

A mother is the best judge when it comes to their baby. So try what you feel would work, experiment and then proceed.

One more thing, consult your doctor post you stop feeding, also don’t try taking any medicines to wean off unless and until really required especially if your planning to have another baby too.

Also would want to add, if you feel your kids diet is perfect is not affected by breast feeding then you can continue until 3 years as well.

Homemade Peanut Butter

Avisha after completing one year started becoming a little under weight so the doctor asked me to add plenty of Fat to her diet.

One amongst them was Peanuts. So how do I give her Peanuts ? She once or twice did eat boiled Peanuts but it didn’t work because she was swallowing it and not chewing and eating.

Then she got introduced to Nutella, which she loved big time, but I didn’t want to give that to her on a regular basis because of it being readymade.

Recently I decided to try my hands on making peanut butter at home. And it really came out well.

A long due recipe pending, I got a lot of inquiries on how did I make it. So here goes the steps.

It’s a simple three step recipe with a little twist.

Ingredients :

  • 2 Cups Peanuts
  • 1Tsp Groundnut Oil (Optional)
  • 2 Tbsps Honey
  • 1 Tbsp Organic Desi Sugar or Brown Sugar.
  • Dry Fruits Powder (Optional)


🥜 Dry roast the Peanuts in an Iron Kadai, until the color and Smell changes.

🥜Let it cool down and then remove the skin.


🥜Blend the Peanuts until it turns to become a smooth paste.

🥜 You can add Groundnut Oil for the texture to Smoothen (I didn’t add though). Groundnut Oil also improves the Shelf Life.


🥜 Add either honey or Sugar or both as sweeteners. I added very little of both as I didn’t want it to be too sweet.

🥜 You can also add dry fruits powder to it just for extra nutrients.

🥜 After adding all of this blend it once again and empty it into a Glass Jar.

TIP : Peanut butter can be given with Dosa, Roti & Bread. Also 1-2 spoons can be given raw as well.

Avisha likes it raw than mixing it with something else.

Do try this recipe out and let me know how did it turn out to be.

Travel Foods for Kids !

All of us Love Travelling, going for a Holiday but it’s tough after kids.We don’t really find it comfortable because of the Food. A Hungry kid always troubles. But what if these problems are sorted ?

Well yes, here I am bringing to you travel food ideas for Babies of 6-12, 12-18 & 18-24 Months of age.

Few things we need to make up our mind on :

🌟The kid might not eat like how they do at home, so give them frequent mini meals.

🌟Carry loads of Healthy Snacks.

🌟Concentrate more on Fruits & Water.

🌟Feed the kid when you are eating & also what your eating.

Meals of 6-12 Months.

You need to decide if you want to give homemade or outside food. I feel if you are staying at a 4⭐ or 5⭐ property then you can give outside food. But that’s totally your choice.

If Homemade :

🌺You need to carry a travel cooker.

🌺If your going to carry food from home, it’s going to be really tough. I would suggest home food only when your going for any wedding and staying in a guest house or farm house or service apartment or if going abroad.

🌺When Avisha was 8 Months I travelled to a near by resort, it was the first time I was travelling with her after I put her on Solids.

This was how her meals looked like :

Outside Food options :

🍡Breakfast :

Porridge/ Idly/ Idiyappam/ Boiled Potatoes.

🍡Mid Day Snacks :

Banana/ Breast Milk.

🍡Lunch :

Chapatti/ Khichdi/ Mashed Rice (On special request)

🍡Evening Snacks :

Porridge/ Soup/ Juice.

🍡Dinner :

Dosa/ Uttapam/ Soups/ Cerelac/ Idly Milk.

If your child has teeth you can also give them Chapatti dipped in Daal.

🌺These are the things which are quiet common and are easily available. We stayed at a 5 star property so I was okay with giving her outside food.

🌺Before I travelled I experimented with a lot of different food items for her, to rule out the risk of any kind of allergies.

🌺Compromising on the place of stay is something which should be avoided while travelling with Infants. If your not sure of the place home food is the best & also Cerelac is the best option. You can consult your pediatrician and then go ahead with the best one. (Usage of Cerelac occasionally is not wrong)

Meals for 12-18

🍆Planning meals for kids of 12-18 months is much more easier than the younger ones as they have teeth.

🍆Apart from the above HOME MADE MEALS, you can add on these as well, as now these kids have teeth.

  • Milk Biscuit. (Evening Snacks)
  • Varieties of Theplas/ Parathas.
  • Wheat Bread with Butter & Jam.

🍆Coming to OUTSIDE FOOD :

🍆You can carry palm candy sugar and add that to the Chapatta or Rice or even Idly, Dosa.

🍆Panner ki Subzi with Roti can also be given.

🍆You need to look around your food and you can definitely figure out what your child can have.

Meals for 18-24

🌺I wouldn’t recommend Home food for 18-24 months, as they wouldn’t like any of these much. But if you feel your child would like then you can carry food from home as well.

🌺 After Avisha completed 15 Months I didn’t really carry much of home food during travel, because she got comfortable by eating outside and also enjoyed eating what we ate.

🌺 But ofcourse I always carried either Roti, Dosa or Parantha in case of Emergency & yes loads of Snacks.

🌺 Pasta, French Fries, also can be added to the list.


Snacks to Carry :

  1. Fox Nuts.
  2. Cheese.
  3. Rice Puffs.
  4. Modak (Home Made)
  5. Ladoos (Home Made)
  6. Fruits & Dried Fruits.
  7. Slurp Farm biscuits.
  8. Mummum Melties.
  9. Timios Puffs.
  10. Chocos.
  11. Dates.
  12. Dried Apricots

♥️The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to keep the child well hydrated, even if the kid fusses in eating, fruits, water & Juice will at least help them in staying hydrated.

I hope this post helps, enjoy your future trips & travel with a swag 😉

Delhi Winters – Not so Comfortable !

🦋Taking kids out of their comfort zone is definitely not easy. Last month I travelled to Delhi. It was Peak Winters. I over thought a lot and took a lot of precautionary measures.



⛈️Jackets etc.

🦋The moment we reached Delhi I changed Avisha into the winter Clothes. As we reached the Hotel, Avisha started with Running nose. And that definitely changed our mood. I gave her a glass of warm milk, she didn’t like eating anything so I kept her on liquids and soft hot Khichdi.

🦋From the next day onwards, the functions had started. She did well in the first function. She had her breakfast properly, her lunch properly and post that she slept. That evening we didn’t go anywhere because I wanted her to be fine for the next days functions.

🦋After her evening Snacks and dinner that night she slept. Suddenly around 12’o clock she got up crying. I then fed her, she was on my feed for almost 1 hour. Everyone around was awake and enjoying.

🦋 I then realised that she has got fever. She had become super cranky. My parents and My husband tried to divert her a lot.

🦋 I immediately gave her Crocin which I actually didn’t want to give, because I wanted to check her temperature first. But it was the need of the hour.

🦋 That night was horrible. I fed her for almost 3 hours throughout the night.

🦋 The next day she was fine, with her normal routine. I also gave her a shower and that made a lot of difference. She was again playing around, had her meals. We also went for shopping, she did fine and then I took her for the wedding.

🦋She had a terrible cold but, her face had become dull. It was really tough for us to see her this way.

🦋We decided to prepone our tickets, we couldn’t tolerate the cold further. I wanted to get back home on immediate basis. I felt homesick and I knew Avisha felt the same as well. So we preponed our tickets by a day.

🦋 Unfortunately our flight got delayed as well. We had to wait at the airport for almost 4 hours. Avisha was all happy happy at the airport. Jumping around, talking to people. She also knew I think we were getting back home.

🦋Nothing should be done against the comfort zone of the kids. We should act wisely and take decisions on the basis of the child’s comfort. Looking at her suffer so much really made my husband and me feel miserable.

🦋We Parents sometimes for our happiness spoil the comfort zone of our kids. We need to rethink in every angle before taking any step or planning.

🦋 From 28° directly to 6° was too much for all of us.

🦋 Thanks to the medical kit that I carried along. It really helped me alot, to survive that situation.

🦋This was my story of travelling to Delhi in winters. I also have been to Delhi with her when she was 10 months old and that was in April.

🦋She did really well that time. She enjoyed herself and also the climate suited her. It was the cold that spoilt everything.

“Child’s Comfort Zone check is the first and foremost Priority”.

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