“The Contents of this Blog are truly out of personal experience.”

The Purpose of this blog is to share the most beautiful phase of my Life.

As Kids we all have loved to Maintain Personal Diaries. Even I was one among-st them and loved to express my feelings and experiences in words. Keeping this in Mind, I came up with an idea to start up a blog where I can share my life changing experience.

There are a lot of people these days who run away from the word “MOTHERHOOD”. Well I respect your emotion because even I was like that, unless & until I experienced it on my own.

Why this BLOG ?

My main purpose of starting up this blog is to make people feel the change I have felt.

Changing the perception of pregnancy in young minds is the need of the hour.

I know people who get irritated even on thinking about becoming parents, it’s sad to know that people have so much negativity towards such a beautiful thing made by God.

Why the Name “EARLY MOMAGE”?

Early Motherhood is the answer for this. As I am Sharing in my journey of an Early Mom, my husband came up with this name.

“Sharing with you my personal experience of being a mother, trust me ITS THE BEST FEELING EVER”