5 Things to Learn from our Parents on Parenting.

We definitely know that the way our parents brought us up, is way more different than how We are bringing up our child, we will definitely find our ways better, they were very strict with us, we are definitely way more cooler but there are certain things that we should inculcate from our parents in matter of bringing up our Child.

Here are some:

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦Their Art of Tackling Tantrums:

Don’t you think our parents deal or dealt with Tantrums in a better way, they know how to divert the child easily and also to deal with the tantrums that the child throws. They have no scope of tolerating tantrums.

They wouldn’t get agitated or annoyed. Toddler tantrums were given respect and dealt calmly. No issue was created. They didn’t take it as a tantrum, a negative word given to toddler nature.

We talk about it like as if only we are facing it & it’s like a volcano irruption. Yes we loose our cool really soon & that’s something we need to learn from our parents.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Balance in Life:

They spent good amount of family time and never really complained about me time and going out. We moms these days need our me time which is good, but why wasn’t it demanded by our moms? Did we think about that ever.

No I don’t think we did, my mom used to carry me everywhere she would go. Let it be to the gym, to the parlour or to a kitty party. Oh, even Office. How did she manage? Now, when I have to go anywhere there are times where I just leave Avisha behind with either my mom in law or my mom and they happily take care of her & have spoilt me.

For our parents family would be first & we would be their utmost priority despite which they enjoyed their parenthood journey.

For us it’s more of spending me time and entertaining ourselves. We definitely need to learn to balance out life from them. They took good care of us along with the house, office and the family without much of domestic help. No there weren’t many day cares at that point as well.

To add on to this topic, WILL POWER is something that we need to learn from them, no matter how Ill they would be they would tolerate it and would continue with their routine, they actually would tolerate way too much at times. They also took much much better care of their parents than we are doing at the moment, it’s because of the PATIENCE that they had.

All these factors really matter in bringing up a child. Which a lot of us of this gen lack.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Food habits:

Healthy food was the only option, junk want in the loser at all. There was no bribing or cheat day. Home cooked food was carried even while traveling. Bread was never a part of the menu. Biscuits weren’t stocked up and Maggie wasn’t allowed for breakfast.
Hence we have a better immunity and are stronger.

They never would sit and panic if we wouldn’t eat, we learnt to self feed ourselves & also would ask for food when hungry because we were brought up that way.

Now a days we create making a child eat a huge task, a huge issue. We preplan on what we are going to divert them with, we are particular about a high chair, about the cutlery that they eat in. Our parents would make us in the same plate that they did and also would also go to the extent of climbing floors and walking up to the terrace to make us eat, we would conveniently turn on YouTube to feed our child.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Respect & Values:

No matter how or what their elders would behave like, the respect and fear that they had for elders is irreplaceable. They knew how to tackle with each and every problem and taught us to respect and value others & things.

When Avisha was small I was teaching her to tell Hi or shake hands with everyone, whereas my Mother in Law taught her to touch elders feet and greet everyone by joining hands, well that’s the difference and these values can be given only by elders.

They wouldn’t pamper us by unnecessary things, they taught us the difference between needs & wants. But now a days we buy our children each and everything infact things that they don’t demand as well.

Sometimes I feel we are satisfying our demands and not theirs. We yes want to do the best for our child but we should also teach them self sufficiency which was taught to us by our parents.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Not living for social media:

Our parents never did anything for us just for the sake of social media or showing off to people, there are times when we compare our life with some other random person whom we adore and then do similar things. Then put it up on social media, it’s the being cool factor is what we think or following the trend factor. We also teach certain things just to put it up on Social Media.

But what our parents did for us was from out of heart. They enjoyed every bit of our childhood they truly lived it along with us.

If we face any problem in bringing up our child, the best person to go to is our parents and in laws. They will give you the right advice. I remember when I’d started solids for Avisha, her pediatrician only told me one thing, ask your mother in law and your mom or your grand mother on what to give, they will know best and can guide you right.

There are so many times when I don’t really know what to do when Avisha gets cranky or fussy, my parents & In laws are a big saviour in such a situation.

So don’t forget to discuss parenting with your parents, they are the right people who can talk to because you are the outcome of their upbringing.

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