5 ways how India Moulds our child

There is a lot of comparison between the Children brought up Abroad and in India. Definitely Children in Abroad our more Disciplined than Children In India.

My husband and me would always compare the bringing up of children in abroad and would feel that we ain’t doing anything for Avisha. But after a little research I realised that there is no better place to live in than India.

Let’s see how India moulds our Child

1. Unity In Diversity:

A child learns about various traditions & religions. They learn about different festivals. They become multi lingual they are not stuck to a single language. By the age of 3-3.5 years they know a minimum of 2 languages.

This is because they are exposed to different cultures, mother tongue is still given importance. They learn to live traditionally despite having knowledge of everything.

2. Moral Values:

Moral Values that are taught in India are irreplaceable. The child learns to respect all elders and also has value of people. They learn to greet their elders with “Namaste” right from their early age. They don’t shame any kind of work, they are brought up that way.

Moral values are a part of our education system. These values are encrypted in a child for life long and is valued more than Education in India.

They become their own judge. They can judge what is right & wrong. They would first give preference to others and then think about themself.

Patriotism is in their blood, they can do anything for their country & would never stand anyone talking anything negative about their country.

3. Bonding with the Family:

Children in India have a different connection with their family and grand parents they are not stuck to a routine or ain’t away from their parents or grand parents, they live together which again helps in building their values.

Definitely children in abroad become independent quiet fast which is a great factor, children in India gradually become independent but would always have respect and love for their family.

Story time with grand parents is their best part of the day.

4. Immunity & Food:

We often see that people who come from Abroad often fall sick in India but A child or a person who has lived in India can definitely survive anywhere because India helps in bringing up the immunity of the Child.

The food that Indians eat is definitely way too healthy than anywhere else in the country. Children learn to eat variety of food, Spicy, Sweet and Tangy. They don’t stick to bland food. They get to taste a diverse range of food.

5. Democracy:

Living in India & Surviving is easy because of the Democracy. “To the people, for the people, by the people” this helps in the child’s education as it’s in all levels & also the rules are made for the betterment of the country. The rules are easy to implement.

What do you think? Comment your thoughts below.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Arushi says:

    I absolutely agree with all your points. There are definitely advantages of being born and brought up in India.


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