5 Fears of Motherhood & how to overcome it

When a Women hears the word, Mother there are jitters. That’s one of the biggest fears in a lady’s mind.

Yes it’s not easy to be a Mom, it involves a lot of responsibility, a lot of Courage & a lot of Patience.

But Motherhood is a beautiful journey, being a mother gives a women a new identity.

The first and foremost fear that a Women has is How are they going to manage the baby?

Being a Mom is a gift that God gives a Women, the strength & courage of facing each & every situation is also given by God.

No matter how much knowledge you incur or how much you read or take advice you inner instict is the best judge for your child. 

One thing I truely believe in is Advice from elders. Your mom or your MIL has taken care of you & your husband and your doing quiet well, then why not trust them only.

The 2nd fear is How are you going to deal with the Delivery Process?

A positive attitude and trust towards the doctor who is handling you & your life partner is what is required in the situation.

No one can take care of you in a better way than your husband.

You need to be really strong & ofcourse the doctors instructions are really going to help.

The 3rd fear is If your life will continue to be the same?

I wouldn’t lie, No your life wouldn’t be the same, there will be less me time, there will be a lot of exhaustion but how do you overcome this ?

Seek help, don’t keep your baby clingy to you. Let the child be raised by in laws, parents, husband. If you’ve got good Neighbors leave the child there as well. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, you need that space.

Trust your child with others, especially your in-laws, no one would harm your child.

If you get your child used to others from day one then definitely you will enjoy motherhood.

The 4th fear is if Your love life will get affected ?

In the initial stages yes it does get affected but again it’s on you how you & your husband balance it.

Share the chores, this is the time to increase your bonding, Build the understanding. There are times when either you or your husband might feel that y’all are not giving time to each other, dedicate atleast 15-20 for each other.

Have a date night fortnightly. No matter what don’t forget that Hug. Which is much needed for we women atleast. And ofcourse don’t forget to be a little romantic.

That is definitely calming in that phase.

The 5th is What about my career ?

Our career definitely for first few months will get affected as the baby needs us for the first 6 months. You can opt for work from home if in case you don’t have a helping hand then there are a lot of things which can be done from home these days.

I started my career after a year. It was a huge break I got into business with my husband only and also started up blogging.

Every situation can be taken care off if we have a positive mind.

It’s just on how we look at things.

Do comment below if you have any fears in regard to being a mother.


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    Learning and preparing myself from now to tackle it all.. kudoos to ur courage for handling it sooo well at this age .. learning a lot from u dimple😘


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