5 ways to entertain your child indoors

Entertaining Children these days has really become a task that too without screen time it’s tougher.

So here are 5 ways to entertain them indoors :

🧸Writing & Coloring

We are a lot into Coloring & writing activities, I make her do a lot of match the following, scribbling with chalks, crayons we have a Coloring corner which engages her for quiet a while.

🧸Blocks & Puzzles

Blocks & Puzzles really help the child play for a good 20-30 minutes, the child would get busy creating something with their own imagination.

🧸 Subscription boxes

There are a lot of subscription boxes available in the market which involve fun learning.

🧸Pretend & Play & Soft toys

Every child enjoys pretend and play especially with dolls, soft toys and cars.
They learn to be on their own and start playing without anybody sitting with them, doctor set, Kitchen set and Mechanix set really helps.

🧸DIY Activities

Children love DIY Activities, we can create many DIY activities for our little ones which involve sensory play like Play Dough, Kinetic sand, find the treasure from a bowl full of pulses or rice.
DIY for hand eye coordination can also be made, sorting pom poms, pulses, colored Pasta, hair clips (Color wise), beeding a twine etc. These are basic activities which can be created easily.

Also DIY Obstacle course can be created for the toddler, it’s the best physical activity for a child while indoors. The toddler would be occupied to it for a good 30-40 minutes.

Apart from this, books are a boon which really help to engage the child. A tent can be created which will keep them engaged for quiet a long time as well.

Do comment below on what other activities do you engage your toddler with.

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