5 reasons why decluttering is necessary & how to go about it ?

Decluttering, getting rid of the old stuff and not being used stuff.

Reasons why decluttering is Necessary:

💯 To know what exactly yours or your child’s wardrobes hold, you can declutter according to the size, if you feel your child has out grown any clothes you can take it off from the wardrobe. Or if there is any outfit which has gone off fashion.

The child’s clothes if in good condition can be preserved either for 2nd child or can be given to someone else who wouldn’t mind using it.

💯 Decluttering saves time & space as you don’t have to hunt for stuff when in a hurry, you will also find your wardrobe always organized.

💯 It becomes easy to make a shopping check list, as you know what you own and what you need to buy.

💯 It helps you be in track with fashion for yourself & for your child. You can be updated with the recent trend at every point in time.

💯 Once you start decluttering you can alot one day in a month of the same, which will make things easy for you & not make it tedious.

Let it be clothes, toys, cosmetics, toiletries, medicines, groceries everything should be decluttered periodically,  the size, trend & expiry dates of the products should be checked.

Make sure you don’t need anything unnecessary, it will definitely calm your mind down.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. This really inspires me to be more organised with my things


  2. simritbedi says:

    These are really wonderful tips Dimple. thank you for sharing


  3. These are great tips Dimple . Thank you for sharing. #tmmreads #blogchattera2z


  4. Indian households, carry out their decluttering exercise just before Diwali. But I am of the view that one needs to declutter regularly, so that the enrgy in the living space is always light and free of over heads.


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