5 ways to select the right books for your child.

🌺Avisha was introduced to books after she completed 1 year, but wasn’t that interested so I didn’t force her, wooden books always remained on her self and gradually she developed interest in them.
🌺Then came picture story books, she started liking those and it became a part of our routine.
🌺How to select the right books for your toddler?

📚 See what their interest lies in, if in case they like any particular cartoon character then pick a set of those books as it will build their interest in books. Also make sure to choose age appropriate books.

📚Get touch & feel books and water books they will be fascinated by the way the book looks. Texture & Appearance does play a vital role in bringing up a child.

📚 Make sure the books are colorful & has a lot of figures in it like a lot of different animals, different seasons etc.

📚 Also introduce them to flip flap books post 2 years, it will excite them to see what is hiding behind the flap.

📚 Get moral story books which will teach them a lesson by the end of the story.

🌺Our favorite 5 books are:

1-2 years

Board books was the only thing I got for her.  She still enjoys them, it is a set of 13 books.

2-3 years

I bought a lot of pre loved books from Instagram & Facebook pages.

We also started reading the series of Bernie & Bruno which made it easy for me to introduce Moral stories to her.

Author Julia Donaldo writes amazing rhyming story books for toddlers, you can check out more of such books in the link below.


Also to know more on Picture books Click here


6 Comments Add yours

  1. simritbedi says:

    Loved reading your post Dimple. You have shared some amazing tips for kids to get into the habit of reading.


  2. These are great tips Dimple. Board books are a great option to start with as you said. #tmmreads #blogchattera2z


  3. Quite a nice selection of books. My son has loved being read to as soon as he was born!


  4. alpanadeo says:

    Books are a great source of learning even for young kids. Age appropriate books not only gives them the required knowledge but also developed interest of reading in them.


  5. Shilpa Garg says:

    I dont know how many touch and feel books I must have gifted to kids in family and friends over the years. These are a great way to inculcate the love of books and reading, early on. Great tips.


  6. Arushi says:

    Lovely post with great recommendations. My daughter loves reading and we have gone through most of these


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