How to react to diarrhea in a toddler.

Five things to follow when a toddler is suffering with Diarrhea.

1. Stop Milk immediately, tea is a better option. If your child is addicted to milk then try giving them tea with biscuit or rusk.

2. Intake of liquids should be more, like lime juice, apple juice, pomogranate juice, Carrot juice. Apple and banana are the only fruits which can be consumed, please avoid all the other fruits.

3. Pro biotics like Curd, hunk curd, butter milk, Panner etc should be added to the diet.

4. Roti & Chapati should be avoided, the ghee intake should also reduce.

5. Add Electral or Flavoured ORS in your child’s diet.

If the diarrhea persists longer then consult your doctor For medication, Pro biotic is the first medicine which needs to be added along with Zinc, if this is not helpful then Antibiotics need to be started.

Food ideas for toddlers during Diarrhea.

1. Bread or Rusk with Tea (Breakfast) or Bread jam.

2. Idly, Set Dosa, Appam, Idiyapam, Uttapam with mixed vegetables clear soup or sugar. (Dinner)

3. Banana and Apple in fruits & Juices as mentioned above. (Snacks)

4. Curd rice with Cumin powder, Rice Gruel, Barley water (Lunch)

5. Simple Khichdi with less spices also can be given for lunch and Dinner.

6. Ragi Dosa or Sooji Childa can also be given during Diarrhea.

Recently Avisha suffered with a lot of Diarrhea & Vomiting, we treated it with her diet and some basic medication.

Things to be prepared for:

1. A very cranky toddler, yes children get cranky because they are hungry, their stomach hurts and also they won’t be getting to eat what they actually want to. So we need to be ready to tackle with them.

2. Rejecting food, Our child might reject what we want them to eat so we need a lot of patience while making them eat because we need to think of various ways of diverting them.

How to entertain them:

Introduce them to something new & exciting, like Alexa, messy play, take them for drives, take them to the park, take them for cycling, or call their friends or cousins home.

A sick child is the worst thing to happen. Always carry a bifilac or a probiotic medicine with you while travelling as diarrhea is common during travel.

Comment below on what do you do when your child suffers from diarrhea.

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  1. Mayuri6 says:

    When a child is unwell, mothers tend to panic. These helpful suggestions will be a huge help to counter the ills of diarrhoea.


  2. You have listed out all the do’s and dont’s in detail. Let me add my grandmas recipe for diarrhoea đŸ™‚ I always gave sago water to my kids..added little cardamom and sugar. It really works very well for kids and adults alike.


  3. Blogaberry Foo says:

    Thanks for these tips. It will prove useful in case any such thing happens.


  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Great tips to treat diarrhea in kids at home. as per my experience, probiotic solutions always work best and give good results in controlling diarrhea.


  5. yogitaamitjoshi says:

    Thanks for the tips. When kids suffers, mothers always panic. Diarrhea make kids weak… thanks for amazing tips. I will surely keep a note of it.


  6. ritecontent says:

    This is a good guideline for the flustered mother. We get that way when our child is sick and we can fall back on this post for guidance at that time!


  7. simritbedi says:

    This is a very helpful post Dimple..all of us go through this and get very tensed. But your tips are really helpful


  8. These are really effective tips to battle diarrhoea in children. Excess of liquids is a must!


  9. preety85 says:

    That’s a very informative post… We as a mom get panic when kids fall sick and diarrhea is actually a crucial one. These are some important points which one should keep in mind and it definitely helps to fight the disease.


  10. Arushi says:

    These are helpful tips for a mother. Home remedies work wonders sometimes and keeping some simple tips in mind can make the child feel better.


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