How to Start this year on a positive note

Don’t we all deal with a lot of down falls, we get demotivated easily, here I’m sharing a few tips on how to lead a Positive life.

Count your blessings & you’ll never find life negative

1. Ignore the world, you do what you feel is right. If there is something that your inner conscience is allowing you to do then go ahead.

2. If you feel guilty about something then talk it out, apologize or make up for the mistake you’ve done.

3. Never under estimate yourself, if there is something which your unable to do then please don’t.

4. Try hunting your talent, convert your talent or hobby into a profession, trust me you will never get bored of working.

5. If you feel there is someone who is bringing in negativity in you or spoiling your mood, stay away. You don’t have to hurt them but just distant yourself.

6. Take a break, everyone needs it.

7. Spend the first hour of the day for yourself let it be even if you have to get up an hour early for that.

Perform this activity:

Things required:

1. Paper

2. Pen

3. Some strength

4. Strong will power


Write down all your problems in a piece of paper, make 10-15 copies of the same but have a master copy always with you, early morning after you get up try going for a jog or a walk and read the paper and tear it into pieces or just crumple it and throw it away, a problem is a problem only until we hold it, once you release it, it isn’t a problem. It’s just a piece of paper. So our life is in our hands, it all depends on how we take it. We let it go or carry it along.

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