The New Year Resolutions “Expectation VS. Reality”

Resolution as a School Child: (Me to my Mom)

Mommy I promise to wake up early from the coming year, oh also I will definitely get good marks from this new term; I will sleep early and reduce watching TV. I will also not get fussy in eating. Please don’t get pissed with me mommy.

Resolutions as a College Girl: (Me to my friends)

Hey we should stop lying at home, enough of it.

Hey let’s take up a resolution of not bunking College anymore and lets restrict ourselves from eating outside food.

Don’t you think it’s not good to be on her company, umm let’s reduce talking to her from next year onwards?

(Me to Mom)

Mommy, sorry for the mistakes I have done, I won’t repeat it in the coming year and also will definitely start helping you in the Kitchen.

Resolution as a Working Girl:

(Me to Myself)

This year I definitely should start saving money and not shop so much, I should learn a little bit of cooking & also not fight with mom for small things. I think this year I should take a serious call on my career & decide what I should do further or stick to the same Job.

Resolution After getting married:

(Me to my Husband)

Mitesh, you need to promise me to take me for an international trip in the coming year, Also you need to buy me a new phone & promise not to fight with me. I promise I won’t fight too.

Resolution as a blogger:

(Me on my page last year)

I would do product reviews, food, recipes, post twice on my blog page every week, start a YouTube channel, etc.

One last thing which we always say “this year definitely I would follow all the resolutions unlike last year”.

All these things we expect that we do every year; resolutions are only expectations which very rarely get converted into reality.

We of course want to change few things in us, but does a resolution really help? No, it doesn’t. Change is something which is done from within, it’s a mindset. WE can definitely change if we want to if we have a strong mind set.

What’s the reality?

When there is a day where our resolution breaks we think we won’t repeat it, we then repeat it again and after we make the same mistake 3-4 times we tell ourselves that we will start following it from next year onward. 😀 this is the sad reality of New Year Resolutions.

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this. Do comment below on the funniest resolution that you have ever taken.

What’s this year resolution?

To stop taking resolutions anymore 😛

Also Check out My friends Akansha’s post to know what she has to say about New Year Resolutions.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Blogaberry Foo says:

    Hahaha this is the reality I guess but I’ve been making resolutions and work on fulfilling them since a few years now. So wish me luck.


  2. Loved your quirky take on resolutions.


  3. Nisha Malik says:

    I think we fail on our resolutions only when they are unrealistic. We should go easy in the beginning and build a healthy habit.


  4. Nitya chawla says:

    I loved your thoughts and the way you wrote it beautifully.. If you look back with smile then it was worth it


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