Changes for a better lifestyle

🌈I am not here telling you lifestyle changes in terms of walking, cycling, jogging or diet habits, or positive thinking of course all of that is important but I am here talking about small changes that we need to make in our kitchen which will definitely give long term results.

🌈Trust me these are things which I have learnt from my mother in law and I have seen a lot of difference in our health due to these changes.

First and foremost,

🌠Tell a big big good bye to Aluminium vessels, did you know: in Jails they use Aluminium vessels for cooking and serving. The reason being it induces death in a person.

🌠No matter how much ever food grade plastic it might be please don’t use it for hot food. Let it be any brand plastic no matter what it does react to heat.

🌠Switch from Iodised salt to Rock Salt which they call senda namak.

🌠Switch from normal sugar to brown sugar, muscovado sugar or jaggery.

🌠Use steel, Mud or copper vessels for cooking.

🌠 Store your snacks in glass bottles or glass containers.

🌠Say goodbye to foils and use banana leaf instead.

🌠 Follow the old rituals, ask your grand parents on the lifestyle that they had, as that’s the best way of living.

🌠Do not store any kind of cooked food as it does cause harm even if stored in the refrigerator.

🌠Avoid outside pickles as the salt and oil content is too much.

🌠Switch to cold pressed groundnut oil or sesame oil.

🌠Switch from nonstick to cast iron or the iron tawa which we get in villages.

🌠Switch to green tea but don’t use the tea bags, you get fresh green tea in the market you can go in for that.

🌠Use Mud pots for storing water as it’s a natural cooler.

🌠Try to set the curd in a glass bowl or a mud bowl (Mitti ki handi) avoid steel.

🌠Try how much ever home remedies possible let it be for your skin, cold or cough there is nothing that cannot be treated beyond your kitchen.

🌠Take a lot of care of your pulses & lentils right from exposing them into sunlight and then cleaning them, it’s really important no matter what good quality you buy.

🌠Try to use home made aata (wheat) because no matter which brand you buy they do have stones mixed in their grains. If buying readymade aata try to sieve that before use.

🌠I earlier used to feel that all of this is waste of time but it definitely helps. Also buying fruits and vegetables from the local market is any day better than buying from those air conditioned super markets. (except for the exotic fruits).