Banana Bread recipe

🍌For the first time I tried my hands on baking something for Avisha.

🍌There were some bananas which were getting spoilt so I decided to make “Banana Bread”

🍌The entire process just took me around 15 minutes.


➡️1 cup Ghee/ Butter

➡️1cup whole wheat flour (Aata)

➡️1cup Banana (Mashed thoroughly)

➡️1cup Sugar (I used muscovado Sugar) brown sugar can also be used

➡️1/2 tsp baking soda

➡️1 tsp baking powder


#️⃣Mix the sugar and the bananas they should be lump free & not have any moulds.

#️⃣To this add the ghee, stir well so that it mixes with the banana puree.

#️⃣Sieve the Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda into the batter and use the fold method for binding the ingredients, do not mix.

#️⃣Post the batter is ready, it’s now time to bake it. Taste the batter once for the sweetness.

#️⃣ I did not bake as I don’t prefer using the microwave for Avisha, instead I placed the batter into the Idly cooker and steamed it for half an hour.

#️⃣Before putting the batter in the tray Greece it with ghee or oil (I prefer ghee for children)

#️⃣Check with the fork if it’s completely cooked or not.

#️⃣The outcome was the same, it was soft and cooked properly.

🙈2 mistakes that I did:

1. I used the Elaichi Bananas which has a little bitter taste, the long yellow bananas should be used instead.

2. I did not mash the bananas well, it should be mashed even more.

Do try this oven free baking recipe and let me know the output.

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  1. Swetha Jain says:

    Can we use the red banana


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