How to be sane when our Child is unwell

We moms feel more sick when our child is unwell, its a very tough situation, our feelings & emotions cannot be expressed to the people around.

Yes every one around feels miserable when the child of the house is unwell. But the Mother needs to face multiple things.
A cranky child needs his mother the most, so the mother is totally stuck to the child without even having space to breath for herself. Let it be going to the loo or eating a meal, the mother has to do everything with the child around.

The mother needs to listen to the people around on what to do for the child and what not to. So many suggestions, so many contras literally drives the mother crazy.
The mother is also blamed for the childs sickeness. Why would a Mom not take care, cant it be seasonal ? Or is it not normal for children to fall sick. I feel only a normal child falls sick.

So many questions, so many assumptions so many suggestions adds on to the Stress.
People should be trained on how to talk to Moms of sick children.

When the baby naps which is very tough, the mother needs to finish up multiple cores during that span.

Making the child eat becomes another task, if the child doesn’t eat there adds another stress.

Phew ! And if your living alone then its even tougher as sometimes children start crying looking at our face.

So what do we do to keep ourselves Sane?
1. Eat Properly: I agree if our child doesnt est well we also don’t wish the eat. But not to forget only if we eat well will we be able to take care of our little one.

2. Sleep well: Only if we take rest will our body be capable enough of taking care of our Tod. We also need rest as we become sleeo deprived.

3. Ignore Google & Listen to Elders: If you’ve got elders at home then they are the best people to give you solutions of what should be given to the toddler. Home remedies should be our first and foremost priority if its only cold and cough.

4. Listen to some Music: When you are playing and trying to divert your little one, listen to some happy and cheerful songs which will boost your mood up.

5. React Patiently: If there are too many people to advice you then just breath in and breath out slowly, smile and thank them politely for their concern. Do what your heart is convinced with & also if you have your Mother in law or Mother then just abide by what they tell.

6. Stroll in the Park: Your tod needs a change, take them out to the Park for a stroll or may be in the building compound where they get fresh air and can play.

7. Keep a note: Due to so much pressure there might be chances where we might forget what medicines are actually to be given, so better make a note of the timings and the medicine given.

8. Take Help: Take your Tod to either some relatives house or to their grandparents house. Leave them with their grand parents & relax for a bit.

9. Breathing Exercise: Breathing does help in bringing in peace to the mind and also relieves a lot of stress.

10. Do a Hobby: Somehow manage to take out atleast 30 minutes after your child has slept to do something what you like, either reading, writing, exercise, sports, dancing etc.

These are some tips that really work.

What works the best for me are, Taking Avisha out and Listening to elders, I go by what my MIL or my SILs tell. As in giving home remedies olden methods & experience matters a lot. We also listen to music.

What is it that has worked well for y’all. Do comment below !!

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  1. pashminagirl12 says:

    The key points highlighted to keep the worrying mommy in us sane are really worth imbibing. To keep calm and take charge of the situation & our peace.


  2. Loved the tips. Totally agree that people need training to even talk to mom’s. I have to work on my hobbies as it really helps to stay positive in days with stress


  3. ritecontent says:

    It is stressful being a young mom. A sick child is already painful for a mom and then to hear others blame her, is really awkward!


  4. Arushi says:

    Those are some very helpful tips. When a child falls sick the stress increases for the mother and some people talk non sense to add to it. Loved the post #arushireads #alexanonstop


  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Great tips and I agree we need to take care of ourselves too when our child is sick. Keeping stress level under control always help a lot.


  6. mominprocessnow says:

    I so needed these.. my house comes down to a still whenever the lil one falls sick.. I would definitely try these tips whenever they are required next time


  7. mummatalks says:

    Nice pointers. Yes when a baby falls sick the parents have a rough time too. But yes staying sane and doing it the right way and staying calm is imp. Also I agree never shy away from asking help in such times.


  8. Sick baby times are really stressful. Thanks for sharing helpful practical tips Breathing exercise is one I should start practising.


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