All about play group (Part-2) Uniheights

Once we select the play group for our child, we start making up our mind for the 1st day. Children dont realize anything, a few of them get adapted to the play group really easily & some take time.

What preparations need to be made:

  1. The School Bag, Click to know Whats in Avishas School Bag
  2. The Clothes,
  3. Children’s Mindset, (Keep talking to the child about the school about how the child is going to meet new friends & how much fun they are going to have)
  4. Parents Mindset, the child is definitely going to cry, but don’t ever turn back. I have seen a lot of parents who Stop sending their child to play group because they cannot see their child cry, But that’s definitely going to happen & there are possibilities of them getting fever as well.

No matter how much pre planning we do but children will definitely surprise us in some way or the other.

Avisha had fathers day celebration on the first day of her school, her School Uniheights International Kinder Garden welcomed us & had a lot of memorable activities for the Dads and the children were comfortable.

The next day was Avishas birthday, she was all excited but the moment we reached school the sub staff took her in and more than her we were shocked because we weren’t ready for it.

Avisha cried, days passed by and she kept crying also developed fever in the first week.

I then started telling her names of the children who went to school with her, built excitement by telling she could play with them, they will be giving her a surprise, there are so many toys, she also got pally with a teacher so I would use her name.

She complaint that she cries because babies are crying there so I started telling her to tell them also not to cry. Post 2 weeks she got comfortable and now she cries to get back home.

We moms face extreme situations.

Coming to the school that we opted for Avisha, Uniheights International Kinder Garden

  • They believe in grooming the children for further education in self play method, they follow a mix of the Maria Montessori Method & Japanese Methodology.
  • They have a very safe and vibrant atmosphere for the chil to play and learn, they involve parents on occasions which brings the parents & teachers closer. This definitely helps in gaining confidence on the school & the staff.
  • I am really impressed with the Staff of the School, they are friendly and caring. The way they greet the child with so much warmth brings a smile on your face.
  • After 3 Months of School the changes that I see in Avisha are:
  1. She mingles with children really well.
  2. She has opened up in talking to people.
  3. Reduction in Stranger Anxiety.
  4. She has learnt all the rhymes and keeps singing all day.
  5. She is showing interest in Toys especially Dough.
  6. She does a lot of pretend and play herself.
  7. She has started talking sentences more than 7-8 words at a time.
  8. Meal times have become easier.
  9. She knows she is supposed to wash her hands before and after eating
  10. She has become more independent in doing things, which sometimes becomes a pain 😛 (for example: when she demands to take bath and fill her water bottle on her own) IMG_20190907_105625.jpg

I feel the right age to enroll the kids is post 2 because its easier to make them understand where they are going & what they are going to do.

  • Uniheights has programs for children from 7 months which is their Mom N Me program until 5.5 years.
  • They have a very user friendly portal (the Uniheights application) where all the News & Messages are passed, they have a snack timetable to follow which comprises of all healthy & easy to eat snacks for children.
  • They send an update of whats been taught in School on a weekly basis. They celebrate different color days over the year which helps the child to differentiate on the different colors.
  • They celebrate all the festivals in School which teaches the child on what our culture is, like because of Rakhi Celebration at School Avisha could do the Rituals at home without anybody teaching her (she could do the Arti, apply the Kumkum and rice and then tie the Rakhi)
  • Children getting attached to the school is really important, the other way to get the child fond of School is by arranging a play date in one of the childs house and letting the children spend some quality time with each other, this will be an attraction for them at school.

The above method has worked for one of Avishas friend who would cry a lot to go to School but after a play date with Avisha he became better and got fond of going to School. Children are very naive, its we who have to think of ways to attract them and divert them what really helps is the tone that we talk in, if we show excitement in our tone they will also get excited no matter they know what it is or not, if we show sadness then they also get sad even if its not related to them.

Uniheights has everything that we were looking out in a School, its close to our place and the best part is its very hygienic as mentioned in my earlier post these are the two factors that I looked for while selecting a school for Avisha.

Link of the previous post


8 Comments Add yours

  1. manytraits says:

    So sweet! Uniheights seems to be a very promising school. I would love to know how your child is doing there after a year. Good luck.


  2. Blogaberry Foo says:

    This combo is interesting. Montessori and Japanese methods. My son is now in Montessori and he’s already passed level 1 in less than 3 months.


  3. nadia kohli says:

    very interesting concept. i am totally in favour to send kids at appropriate age specially when u get ideal place as you mentioned. i understand the stay well mannered & eat their meals timely. what else parents want!!


  4. Mariyumaq says:

    That’s a lovely pre school. Avisha seems to be enjoying all the activities. This is really important for he GMS and FMS growth of a child.


  5. mominprocessnow says:

    This was very helpful , I am also planning to put my child into playschool after he turns two..


  6. Oh my head is going round as tomorrow my son starts pre school. But looking at all the changes and how nicely anwisha has adapted to her school I am positive for this day. Thanks for sharing


  7. This is a very helpful post for all the parents who are planning to send their kids .

    A must read for everyone.


  8. mummatalks says:

    I feel more den anything, parents need to have a positive mind set as I’ve seen so many times that parents get.more anxious when child is going to school. They wait outside. Peep inside the school. Get nervous. This in a way is very wrong. We have to allow them to part with us n be in a new place and also gve them time to adjust


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