Dry Fruit Powder


Giving kids Dry fruits is really important, but not all kids are fond of it, sometimes it can be added in their Porridge, sometimes in their Chapatti & sometimes can be given as a powder as such.

After Avisha completed 8 Months, I used to mix 2 (Soaked overnight & Peeled) Almonds with Water (2 drops) & crushed on a rolling board with a rolling pin. After she completed 1 year I started giving her 3 Almonds.

I also made the dry fruit powder for her where I took Around 100 Gms of Almonds, 30 Gms of Cashews, 30 Gms of Pista, 30 Gms of Walnuts, Dry roast all the ingredients & Blend it after it cools down. Note: Dry roast is required to improve the shelf life of the Powder, also its always better to refrigerate the powder. The proportion of the dry fruits can be of your choice. It can be given post 8 months but only 1tsp and then gradually can increase it to 2 tsps.

Ways to use it:

  1. Can be added to the porridge,
  2. Can be added to the Milk,
  3. Can be added to the paratha.
  4. Can be added in the peanut butter,
  5. Can be added to the Pancake
  6. Can be added to yogurt, etc.

After Avisha completed 20 Months I made a small variation in the powder, I added a little of Palm Candy which enhanced the taste and I started giving Avisha the powder as such 1/2 Tbsp once a day, after she started going to school I started giving it to her before she left for school.


Dry roast the Dry Fruits in Low Flame


Once color changes & Cools down Grind it in the Mixie


Empty it in a Glass Bottle & refrigerate.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruchie says:

    I used to give my little one mixing in milk but now try to make halwa out of it!!


  2. simritbedi says:

    this is so easy Dimple !. thanks for sharing.. I used to grind almonds for T when he was 1 year old but I stopped. My fault ! I think I will start giving him dry fruits again!


  3. jameela says:

    I still give. Baby Tas this dry fruit mix but I don’t dry roast d nuts I just blend if


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