Being Multi Lingual

I was brought up in a multi-lingual atmosphere, my grand parents would talk to me in Sindhi (My Mother tongue) my Dad in Hindi and my Mom in English so this way i learnt all the languages.
According to me learning the Mother Tongue is really important.

I have heard a lot of parents talk to their kids in English and also want them to respond back in English right from a young age. Even my husband and me used to think the same way, but then realized that the Mother tongue is more important.

It is definitely important for kids to learn English, but what about the mother tongue?

Avisha is also in a multi lingual atmosphere, her Paternal grand parents talk to her in Hindi & Marvadi, her Maternal Grand Parents talk to her in Hindi and sometimes Sindhi.
Avisha understands English fully and also talks because my husband and me converse in English but she is more comfortable to talk in Hindi.

And I’m proud of it. English is a language that can be learnt in School as well and kids by hook or crook will definitely learn the language. But the Mother Tongue that’s something which is learnt at home and from a young age.

I know she will learn English in School. Confusing the kid with too many languages also is bad, as they won’t know in which language should they actually respond.

I have heard of a kid, who at the age of 3 used to understand 4 languages but would never reciprocate he would stay quiet when asked anything in School, the parents and the teachers then realized that it was because he didnt know in which language should he talk to whom.

I was scared if Avisha would also face this same issue as we are also in a multi-lingual atmosphere, but she isnt, she responds in Hindi & English.

The more the Languages the kids learn the more smarter they become.
What’s your thought on this, Comment Below!


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  1. Trapti says:

    Exactly, it’s not only about the language which one learns but also any special activity grooms the child’s personality.

    Consistency is really matters in learning.


    1. trendtofit says:

      A very nice pic❤ and yes I agree, learning is very necessary for every a person to become smarter. And when we talk about a child’s growth, learning is an essential thing. That’s why we send them good schools and promote to take part in extracurricular activities.

      When a child lives in an multilingual atmosphere in his/her growing years, it’s definitely a very good thing.


  2. I am person who has always had difficulty speaking in the mother tongue. Primarily because I never lived at my native place and the only person I could talk to in my mother tongue were my parents. I picked up a smattering of Punjabi, Assamese, Odiya, Marathi, Dogri and Malayalam having lived at places where those were spoken. But no I cant really speak any of those. Infact these days I have trouble speaking clear undiluted Hindi! So yes! Totally agree with you that one needs to learn one’s mother tongue!


  3. Yes, one should learn the mother language. We have stayed in multiple places globally and learning the language has helped us and our child. There was once a time when my toddler used to mix up Odia, Hindi, Marathi and English, but in the next few months he picked up the languages rapidly.


  4. I can connect with the thoughts of the author because I am multi linguist myself!


  5. simritbedi says:

    I believe that learning your mother tongue is very important. Children can pick up languages very easily. Its so nice to know Avisha understands four languages


  6. I totally agree with you being a multilingual is a good thing but before that kids should learn their mother tongue.. I can see lot of parents just focus on english which is not good


  7. Aditi says:

    I totally agree with you, and I believe that learning your mother tongue is really important before learning any other language.


  8. Yea i believe in that too why you would leave your mother tongue as this is the best thing we have and we can express our sentiments faultlessly.


  9. It’s true. More the languages the child gets exposure during the first four years the better and faster is his or her language. #damurureads #myfriendalexa


  10. Anurag says:

    Being a North indian

    I am bound to learn 2 most important language hindi and English

    But it is always good to learn


  11. mominprocessnow says:

    Ahh.. I can understand your fear… Though we only have Hindi and English to learn but it is always confusing for the child as well as us…


  12. alizehmysoul says:

    I do agree being multilingual is a blessing and it has many advantages 💕 forget about the confusion they will crack that soon and surprise you💕


  13. alizehmysoul says:

    Being multilingual has all the benefits needed for the person. Kids get confused for a while but they know how to tackle it and trust the child and they know to surprise you💕


  14. mummatalks says:

    In my case my daughter use to not talk till 3 and doc told me to teach her just one language so I chose English so she can understand what’s happening in school. Now she talks in fluent English n also broken hindi but not much in our language though she understands it. We too dont talk much in our language.


  15. POOJA JAIN says:

    I totally agree with you because nowadays hindi is becoming almost extinct. So focusing on mother tongue is really important


  16. motherlymess88 says:

    True. Kids pick up things fast, so teaching them different languages is always beneficial. As you said english is picked up from school I fact I feel hindi as well. It’s the mother tongue which needs to be taught.


  17. motherlymess88 says:

    True. I believe along with english, hindi is also picked up at school. It’s the mother tongue that needs to be given more importance.


  18. Sapna says:

    I always wanted to know a language which no body can understand.. It’s so good to be multilingual


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