Veg Corn Soup

Method 1:

Servings: 1 kid

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes


2tbsp Carrot

2tbsp Beans

2tbsp corn

2-3 cups water

1cup milk

2 cloves garlic

1tbsp onion (Optional)

Take butter in a boiling pot, fry the onion and the garlic, once aroma arises add the veggies saute for a minute and then add water. Once all the vegetables are boiled, add milk keep stirring until one boil arises.

Add salt & pepper as required.

Serve Hot, Garnish with Coriander leaves if in case your kid likes it.

Method 2:

In a pressure cooker, add water, add 1cup Loki, cook until 2-3 whistles. Once the cooker is cooled down, grind the mixture, add the vegetables to it and allow it to boil until the veggies cook. In this method milk is not required, add water if needed.

Add salt and pepper as required.

Additional Tip:

If your kid is not able to chew the veggies then pressure cook all the veggies together until 3-4 whistles and blend everything together.

I give this to Avisha atleast twice in a week, she likes eating the vegetables more than the soup, so I serve her more of veggies and less of the liquid.

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