Nutella Dosa

Kids are fussy and mom’s are concerned, kids want tasty food and mom’s want to give healthy food, don’t you think there is too much of contra here.

Avisha loves junk food, I need to think a lot for her food especially healthy snacks. I got home made Nutella for her, while I had to send her dosa for snacks to school, why opt for plain dosa. I used the homemade Nutella, added a layer of it on the dosa and shredded some cheese on it.

Yummy, healthy dosa is ready.

Now some variations to this,

1. Instead of cheese, banana can be added.

2. Instead of Cheese, dry fruit powder can be added.

3. Instead of Dosa, this can be done on a pancake or on Chapatti.

Detailed recipe,


1. Dosa batter.

2. Nutella.

3. Cheese.

4. Butter/ Ghee.


Make the dosa batter to a flowy consistency,

Heat the Griddle, spread the batter on the Griddle and once cooked a little add ghee or butter on the sides of the batter.

Spread 1TBSP of Nutella over the dosa, once cooked completely, grate cheese over the dosa, remove it from the griddle once the cheese melts.

Serve hot, if it’s been put in the Tiffin box add a little extra Ghee/ butter on the dosa, as shown in the picture for it to remain soft.

Link for Homemade Nutella, DM for more details:

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