All About Play Group (Part-1)

Our Curiosity increases when we see other kids go to play school, we want our kids to go as well.

But don’t you think that’s the wrong way to look at the Child’s future.

Then how do we Judge on when to put our kids to School?

Our Instinct is the best Judge, that is what I believe when it comes to taking decisions for Avisha,

Apart from that a few points to consider.

  1. If you’re not a stay at home Mom.
  2. If your child is not having kids company in & around home.
  3. If your child is having high levels of Stranger Anxiety.
  4. If your child is a fussy eater.
  5. If your child is too clingy.
  6. If your child is too cranky at home.
  7. If unable to potty train.

The Play group is generally for kids aged between 1.5y to 2.5Y and post that Preschool


Sometimes we parents over think on the progress of our child, let me tell you, play school is not something where they will learn much, the same can be taught at home as well, School just adapts different methodology.

There is no point comparing what your child knows and what your child doesn’t. ABC, Red Yellow Green, 123, Circle, Oval, Rectangle all these are the standard things which no matter what the kids will definitely learn. Only the age might differ.

Then Why Stress?

Play School Is for playing we cannot expect our kids to learn a lot. Avisha has definitely learnt And in 2 month there are a lot of changes that I am seeing in her.

So if you are in any of the above situations then definitely you should opt for play School.

Now coming to how to choose the right School?

For me there were two factors,

  1. Hygiene
  2. Distance.

After joining school the kids tend to fall sick often so its really important for the school to be hygienic.

Coming to distance, always look for a school which is close by, the reason being it will save pick up drop time (A lot of work is done when the kids are not around)

The other factors are:

  • The student teacher ratio, try opting for a 2:1 Ratio as individual attention is given, which is a must for the kids of this age group.
  • Make sure the school has a lot of outdoor play than indoor.
  • Try opting for an non-air-conditioned school.
  • Almost most of the schools these days concentrate on Potty Training; the school you opt for does potty training.
  • Understand the teaching methodology followed. (Pretend & Play, Festivals Celebrated, Field trips, etc)
  • Make sure there is no screen time at school, if there is then adjust the screen time at home accordingly.
  • Not too expensive. (This is again a personal choice but spending too much for this age group is not actually worth)

Making the Child School Ready

No matter how much we try to talk to the kid they are bound to cry after joining school, we can get them excited by showing them their new school bag, new clothes, new shoes, new snacks box, water bottle etc.

This will build excitement in them, they will be eager in using those things.

This post is all about When to Make your kid join play school and how to opt for the best play school. The post joining play school tips will be covered in the next post.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Blogaberry Foo says:

    Mine were distance, student teacher ratio and the fact that I wanted my kid to mingle n chat with kids her age rather than just me.


  2. Choosing a right school is one of the most important decisions that parents have to have shared great tips.


  3. mummatalks says:

    I too looked at many factors before finalizing the school for my kids n I am totally loving the school n so r my kids


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