The 5 Mantras of Being Fit

After people deliver they always have that post pregnancy fat which they feel depressed about. The day before I delivered I weighed around 69 kilos. Post delivery when I came for check up after a week I weighed around 59 kilos. A clear shot of 10 kilos had come down.

When I fitted back into my Honeymoon clothes A lot of people asked me tips on how did I manage to do that, but there was nothing in particular that I did.As a custom we are given a lot of Ghee and healthy laddos post delivery which fetched me a lot of weight as well. But that was something which I didn’t bother about. I ate whatever I was given but after I completed 6 months of breast feeding there were a few mantras which I started following, which has helped me in being fit.

1. Ditch the Lift: We initially stayed on the 2nd floor, so i never used the lift and would always use the stairway to climb up or get down, No matter how tired I would be, I did that. Now we have shifted into an other house, so I keep roaming around the house & would not take the lift wherever I go.

2. Fetch the Broom: This might sound a little Tacky, but yes I do sweep my 4 bedroom, 3 Hall House, to tuck in the stubborn fat. I’m a Non Gym person, I dont like Gymming or working out. Yoga, walking, Other forms of exercise or Zumba is something which I would opt for. So brooming works well for me & I am proud of it.

3. Chase your little one: After the little one completes 9 months, Moms have to be on the go. Avisha started walking early so that called for a full time running mom. I had to be behind her all the time, keeping an eye on her, even when we would go out, she would only walk and didn’t like to be carried. This is one of the best ways to exercise and stay fit.

4. Ditch the Sweets: I have a sweet tooth, eating a sweet after a meal was in my blood, but i could see it going a negative way & decided to cut down on that. I swore on not eating sweets, but in turn being a low BP patient that created a reverse affect on me. Now how do i satisfy my sweet cravings, well dark Chocolate to the rescue. I started eating dark chocolate which get my sugar levels and fat levels normal 😀

5. Get out with your Pet: Morning walks are the best, I started taking my pet for morning walks and would run with her (Female Golden Retriever) She jumps around & runs super fast, which in turn helps me as well.

So, these are the small lifestyle changes that I made, apart from this mental fitness is also important. Sleeping on time, Spending quality time with family, Having me time, Doing one activity of your choice & living a stress free life is important.

Being Stress free is tough, if you think stress is killing you, then yoga is the solution to it. For me when I am Stressed, Good food helps me get relieved, now eating more again results in Increase in Fat which again can be overcome by the points above. These are the Mantras that work for me, hope they do for you as well.Do comment below, on what are your mantras to be fit.

This post is a part of #SlimTurns4 Blog Birthday celebrations hosted by Slimexpectations and Thoughts by Geethica.

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  1. Fitting back in old clothes is an awesome feeling, I completely relate to it.


  2. alpanadeo says:

    Those are very practical and doable points. Pregnancy should not be the excuse for weight gain. Its in our hands to shed those extra pounds without going on a crash diet plan.


  3. faujimoms says:

    Good points to get healthy. Being active and mindful of what you eat is the key as you said


  4. Nice post with some easy to follow tips for a healthy lifestyle! #SlimTurns4


  5. LOved all the points and I agree we should start with small, simple and small lifestyle changes goes long way. #Slimturns4


  6. Geethica says:

    Lifestyle change definitely helps. Forgoing sweets for a temporary time also helps a lot. I did it when I had to be ready for a wedding in the family. You have written very well experienced points that help.
    Thank you for participating in the blog contest.


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