Is your child Iron Deficient ?

Iron Deficiency starts from a very early age, say around 4-5 Months itself.

How do we know that our child is iron deficient ?

  • Pale Eyes
  • Reduction in the appetite
  • Low on stamina
  • Very lethargic

I know it’s tough to see this is such small kids for them checking for pale eyes is the best way.

Whats the cause ?

Anything that the kids face is our fault, now if our kid is iron deficient it’s because of our carelessness of not taking medicines on time.

Why do you think doctors ask us to take Iron, Calcium & Vitamin tablets right from our second trimester until breastfeeding. It’s because these nutrients are important for us which also has an impact on our kids.

Find the link below on a Instagram blog post which I’d done on Importance of Iron, Calcium & Vitamin medicines.

If we fail to take these medicines it bring down the iron level in kids as well.

My experience :

It was found by our doctor that Avisha is Iron Deficient when she was around 7 months old, he had asked me to give her Hemsi PD 0.5 ML. I used to give that to her but occasionally. After 2-3 Months the doctor mentioned that there is an improvement in her Iron Levels, that was news to me because I didn’t give her the medicine properly. But what I did was concentrated on her diet.

What was her diet like ?

I used to give her Iron Rich Food, like Ragi, Pomogranate, Palak & other green leafy vegetables, Tofu, Beetroot, Dates etc.

All of this helped a lot and I still continue this. Atleast thrice a week I give her Iron Rich food as a proper meal, apart from that 1 dates everyday, now as she is close to 2 years I also give her 2 dates a day.

A Child’s Diet matters a lot. Having a balanced diet is important (I’ll soon do a post on that)

Make sure you guys find out if your child is having any deficiency and try to compensate with home remedies rather than giving Medicines.

If in case Y’all want any kind of recipes for the above mentioned food items do let me know.

Will do a post on that 😊

PS: Please don’t skip medicines for your kid, what worked for me might not work for others, giving Medicines is also important as it increases the appetite of the kid.

20 Comments Add yours

  1. urbamom says:

    Ragi, dates, pomegranate, beetroot are part of our life. Hope it helps and helps to keep deficiency away


  2. prismaroundgurjeet says:

    Iron is very important for kids > i too prefer fruits and vegetables in place of any medicine .with medicine my baby suffer with constipation


  3. Kinshoo Ravi Agrawal says:

    My boy too got ill bcoz of iron deficiency as it reduces immunity. Iron rick diet is important.. do share some kid-friendly recipes


  4. We definitely need a post on those recipes. And this was a good read. U have covered the main point of dietary iron intake perfectly


  5. Akanksha says:

    Nice. These are some tiny but very important points mostly people miss out with kids…. These are very helpful for new mothers…


  6. I’m a bit careless when it comes to taking my Iron and Calcium medicines. After reading this, I’m going to be regular with that.


  7. Am really looking forward to the recipes post. You have explained the symptoms to look out for beautifully


  8. Abhilasha Jaiswal says:

    Being a mother is exhaustive and that too when its a very initial phase of motherhood you just fail to have balance in everything but ur article is a eye opener that its really important to tc of yourself


  9. Thanks for this informative log. Really helpful for keeping check on my toddler


  10. Having the right nutrition is so vital. A deficiency might take a hit on growth too.I like as you share your own experience.


  11. Prathmesh Sinkar says:

    My cousin sis had a baby recently. I will definitely share this article with her.


  12. Vinod Dubey says:

    This is such a great article……super informative and very helpful..


  13. Sapna says:

    Iron though present in very small quantity but avery important part of kids body… Nice and informative post


  14. That was informative dimple. Thank you for sharing


  15. I totally agree to you.. when my don’t want to eat food continuously for few days and make tantrums on each meal, that is the alarm for me.. I start giving them iron and multivitamin supplements as prescribed by my paediatrician. You wrote it so well.


  16. Savita Singh says:

    You made a helpful posts for all mommies. I really liked it as you share your own experience.


  17. Dishu says:

    Such an awesome article


  18. Such useful blog post. No child should suffer from iron deficiency. Thanks for sharing such useful tips.


  19. Chhavi Agarwal says:

    This is so helpful . I am definitely recommending ur blog to all my new mom frnds and cousins . Its very essential to introduce kids with a balanced diet from tender age.


  20. Parul says:

    It’s such an informative post. It’s a very useful post, specially for new parents.


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