International Trip – Dubai

4 Days Prior to her Birthday we boarded our flight to Dubai.

It was Avisha’s first International Trip.

It was a morning flight, so I carried her in sleep itself and changed her clothes on the way to the airport. Fed her and at the airport made her eat breakfast.

We booked our Tickets in Emirates, which is one of the most luxurious airlines.

The Service provided by them was amazing. Avisha was given a Basinet, so she slept comfortably throughout the journey. She also tried talking to a lot of people after entering the flight,

But got a little disappointed when a few of them didn’t respond much to her. After the flight took off I Fed her and she dozed off & woke up only half an hour before we landed. After she got up, I made her eat a little snack so that she doesn’t get cranky by the time we reach the hotel.

Click the link below to see Snacks options for kids while travelling

We landed and there was a huge walk to the exit, thanks to Emirates for providing us with the pram, so we could cover the walk with Avisha easily. (Please opt for the pram while travelling)

A luxury car had come to receive us and we then were transferred to the hotel, Atlantis.

Atlantis is one of the best hotels and is a must visit place in Dubai. They have a lot of activities in house itself. Like they have an Aquarium, they have a water park, direct access to the Jumeriah Beach etc.

We checked in and first & foremost had our lunch. I made Avisha eat Khichdi, which was a part of the Buffet that we had opted for.

The Room was massive, the view was outrageous. We then changed & got freshened up and left for a tour of the hotel; we went towards the beach, spent some time there, clicked a few pictures & then left for the Mall. We went to the Mall of Emirates.

We had a list pre-planned on what and where do we have to go. There are a lot of Shuttles available so we opted for the one which goes to the Mall of Emirates so this saved us travel expenses.

I carried Snacks and Banana for Avisha which I took from the hotel. For Dinner we made her eat Cereals that I had carried from Chennai for her.

The next day we visited The Aquarium in the Hotel, post which we checked out and checked in to another hotel, as we wanted to experience Atlantis only for a night.

We did a list of things in Dubai:

  1. We went to the Dubai Mall,
  2. Went for the Dessert Safari,
  3. Went Shopping in Gold Souk,
  4. Went to Burj Khalifa,
  5. Went for the fountain Show.

Out of everything that we did, Avisha enjoyed the Dessert Safari, Aquarium & the Fountain Show a lot.

She walked all around the Dubai Mall & didn’t get tired at all.

She wasn’t ready to sit on the pram. We enjoyed our trip with Avisha, though my husband and me got tired but with Avisha it was worth.

Clothes taken for Avisha:

As it was hot we carried Summery clothes for her & something fully covered for the Dessert Safari.

This is what we did the first 4 days and the remaining 2 days were occupied with the functions.

Avisha enjoyed the functions and on her birthday was the wedding, so we couldn’t do anything much, but yes we clicked a lot of pictures and she made a couple of new friends as well.

Hardships Faced:

  • She always wanted to walk and run about, which made it difficult for us to cope up with her level of energy.
  • She became a little cranky when we went shopping in Gold Souk & in Bur Dubai, as it was very hot, so we had to leave immediately.

A funny Fact:

  • She got bored looking only at our face and was ready to go to any stranger.

Some Tips for Dubai:

  1. Travel light, don’t carry too many things as you will be shopping for sure and then might end up paying for excess luggage.
  2. DO DO DO buy dates from Dubai, they are the best.
  3. Don’t keep your itinerary too tricky; keep it simple as per your little ones comfort.
  4. If you want to experience Burj Al Arab, do opt for the breakfast.
  5. Opt for a night stay at Atlantis.
  6. Be very careful with the clothes that you wear in Public.
  7. The Duty free at the Airport is one of a kind so do go an hour or so in prior so that you can shop from there.
  8. There are a lot of Factory outlets in Dubai, do visit those malls for getting great deals.
  9. Climate wise December is the best time to visit Dubai.
  10. Do not pre-book any of the experiences, there are people who give amazing last minute deals at the counter.

This was Avisha’s first international trip & also how we celebrated her birthday.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. mominprocessnow says:

    I just have been to Dubai for a flight change… But made sure to get the dates for there … We are also planning a trip with my son soon.. your blog came just on time..


  2. your family had a great time specially your cutie pie and belated happy birthday to your princess. even you husband wife look so small in age.


  3. Kinshoo Ravi Agrawal says:

    Seems like you all enjoyed. Btw Dubai is open-minded in terms of dressing, the only time when one need to be careful is during Ramadan. Else all is cool. November to February is good time.


  4. Aww such cute pics.. looks like you ppl enjoyed so much.. thanks for the snacks options you shared thats really gonna help


  5. mummatalks says:

    Seems you all had awesome time in Dubai. We too a planning a short trip to Dubai soon and am going to make sure I take your points into consideration and keep them in mind for my trip .


  6. Sonam Jain says:

    Dubai is thrilling and luxurious.. I am sure you had a gala time there


  7. It is always good to gift your child a good experience. You guys must have had lots of fun there and made loads of memories with your baby.


  8. mumzcub says:

    Wow great that she enjoyed and wasnt crancky during flight . Emirates r the best. And dubai sounds grt.. she had a grt bday


  9. Little boy & Mamma says:

    Wow it’s looks like you enjoyed Dubai trip and function . Thanks for all the tips


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