Funky Monkey (Play area)

Hey Guys, It’s time for our Weekend Story. As we had a really hectic week & couldn’t spend time with Avisha, we decided to take her out & make her do something that she will really Enjoy.

So we went to Funky Monkey.

What is the first thing that you see in a play area, of course, safety & cleanliness!

The best thing about this place is its safety. It’s absolutely safe for kids from 9 months & parents are allowed to accompany their kids.

The staff there is extremely friendly & make sure that the kids are safe. They keep instructing the Kids on what to do & what not to.

The Play area is filled with a lot of different activities like they have got big & small slides, they’ve got trampoline pads, Ball Pits, merry go round, Shooting Zone, Punching Bags, Toy Maze, Musical Pad, Tunnel Slide, A lot of Obstacles etc.

Avisha enjoyed the Mini Slides & Trampoline the most. She didn’t like the tunnel slide as it was the first time she was trying it out & was scared. We wanted her to overcome that fear & made her go multiple times on it, though she was scared she did listen to us & went around 4 rounds on it. (So proud of her, also a little guilt on torturing her)

What are the Benefits of Such Play Areas :

  • Kids get to interact with other kids.
  • Kids come over Stranger Anxiety.
  • Kids come out of their comfort zone.
  • Kids improve on their Gross motor skills.
  • Kids overcome their fears.
  • Kids get Motivated looking at the other children play.
  • Parents get to judge on what their kids are good at.
  • Parents get to increase their bond with kids.
  • NSTAHM get to spend precious moments with their kids in such play area.

Why Funky Monkey:

  1. It is the first play area that we visited in Chennai with Avisha.
  2. It’s maintained really well & the staff is highly Professional.
  3. It’s bright & colorful which attracts the kids.
  4. They are strict with their rules and don’t negotiate on the same.
  5. It’s a perfect place for a toddler.

“This is not a Paid Post or not a Collaboration. I have written this because I genuinely like this place and highly recommend the same.”

Play Area Details:

Located in: Phoenix Marketcity

Address: Phoenix Market City, 1st Floor, Velachery Main Road, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042


Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

#funkymonkey #weekdayblues

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