Ready for Slow Fashion?

Recently I got to visit Priya who is the founder of “Priyanjoli”. A fashionable, enthusiastic, Designer come Mom who owns a boutique named “Priyanjoli” in Adyar.

Now, What is slow fashion ?

Frankly speaking it was the first time I actually got to know something of this sort existed. Reusing Clothes (Something that I always do), wearing one dress or saree multiple ways is something that should be done.

We now a days always are keen in wearing new stuff, not repeating clothes, but do we know that how much are we wasting, manufacturing of clothes also shows its impact on nature. Don’t you think it’s high time on we take a step towards protection of nature.

Buying limited but more wearable clothes is what is slow fashion & that’s the change we need to work on.

I was a person who never liked repeating clothes, but now I’m changing my mind and using it a little on how to style one dress in different ways.

Priya is into slow fashion, her collection is so wearable, that you won’t know it’s the same dress. From Jackets, Blouses, dresses, Sarees, Tops she has got everything made in house. The fabric is weaved in the Markets of Kolkata. So you can imagine how pure & soft it would be.

Her designs are unbeatable, a mixture of the old fashion converted into Chic style. Her Sarees and Blouses are to die for.

I thank her for changing my mentality, because I never really liked repeating clothes.

Also the best part is she always works on how she can use every tiny bits of the fabric In different useful ways.

Do check her page out and you can contact her for customization, her fittings are just perfect. ❤️

Instagram Link :

11 Comments Add yours

  1. urbamom says:

    I try make use of my clothes in best possible way. Have no idea, how something can be converted to latest fashion trends.


  2. Never heard of slow fashion but this is something I we all do with some pieces of clothes. It’s a good idea to save some bucks and change the look of existing cloth.


  3. Little boy & Mamma says:

    It’s a new thing for me as well . Slow fashion and it’s very good for all female


  4. Even I don’t like to repeat my clothes that’s why I am started doing the layering it helps me keeping the same clothes but different style every time I wear.


  5. Nitya says:

    Oh this is something new! I had no idea of slow fashion! It’s so cool to save money and change look by existing clothes!


  6. Little boy & Mamma says:

    This is interesting and yes I also don’t like to repeat clothes .


  7. motherlymess88 says:

    Just like you I hated repeating my outfits and just like you I am changing that too.


  8. Thus is wonderful initiative and unique idea of using the cloth. I for once would like to visit her boutique. I am not high hi fashion I am more of comfort that just different dresses.


  9. mominprocessnow says:

    Wow… It is so amazing… I am slowly moving towards this sort of dressing.. but never knew it has a term called slow fashion..


  10. mummatalks says:

    Slow fashion is a new term I learned today…but yes i too try to reuse something in a new way n wear it…


  11. Ah didn’t know it’s called slow motion. Excellent way of recycling and reducing waste.


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