Minute Places where Massage is Important & Generic Tips

IMG-20190529-WA0011.jpgWe all massage our babies right from day 1 until they turn 8-9 months or even More now a days few people do until 2. Massage is really important for the babies growth, it improves the blood Circulation, the growth, structure formation at an early age, improves the skin tone and strengthens the muscles of the baby.The babies bones are really soft and massage formulates the bones. When it comes to hands, legs & back massage we all know on how to go about it.But do you know that there are certain minute Places where Massage makes a lot of difference ??For example talking about the :Eyebrows : Massaging the Eyebrows helps in a proper Eyebrows formation.Upper lip : Massaging the upper lip results in compression of the Gums which will help in even teeth growth.Nose : If in case your child has a blunt nose, massaging it on a regular basis it outward direction helps in formation.Head : A babies head is very tender & shaped unevenly, it’s really important to shape it. (A ring pillow really helps, it’s generally home made out of cotton cloth)Fingers & Toes : The fingers and the toes are to be massages because that determines the length of the fingers & toes and also the shape is formed.Generic Tips :

  • The oil that we use for massage matters a lot, you can use Olive oil if the weather is not cold & if in case the weather is cold then you can use any kind of baby oil. For Avisha I used the Olive Oil from Figaro that helped in strengthening of her muscles also helped bring a glow on her face.
  • For the hair, coconut oil can used.
  • Coming to oils during winters you can use Mustard oil or any brands baby oil, I used Sebamed for Avisha.
  • These oils can be used for the morning massage, when it comes to night massages you can use any baby oil or lotion as well. I used the Sebamed Lotion for Avisha.

Until when Massage is Important : According to me, massage is really important for the first 6 Months, post that we can continue until a year but more than that it shouldn’t be a part of the routine.You can massage the baby but occasionally or only during sleeping time, because the kids get used to it and sometimes when we are not able to do they might try cranky.Few things to be cautious about :

  1. Don’t do vigorous massage, the kid should enjoy the massage.
  2. While massaging keep a track if the baby is crying while massaging any particular point. (To check if the baby is having pain anywhere)
  3. Make sure the Cream, lotion or Oil doesn’t get into the eyes, ears & Mouth.
  4. Don’t leave the child unattended while doing massage.
  5. Always keep a sheet below while massaging the baby.
  6. Note if there are any rashes, there are possibilities, the oil or cream might not be suiting the baby, so switch & see.
  7. For small babies it’s always recommended to make them sleep on the legs & then do the massage as their head is very fragile.

Note : Always ask the doctor while choosing the products for the baby, & I would suggest buying baby products from certified stores as a lot of duplicate products also are available in the market.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Helpful tips. Massaging the feet relaxes the baby and massaging the forehead helps in falling asleep.


  2. Blogaberry Foo says:

    Those are some great tips for massaging the little ones. Good to see that you have a wonderful blog on parenting tips. Will share this on my page.


  3. Nitya says:

    Raising a child is the most difficult and significant task… Right massage at right place helps to develop their physical and motor skills..


  4. motherlymess88 says:

    Though I was aware of the nose and eye brows massage, didnt about the importance of others. Thanks for this post.


  5. This is very important for new mins. Many doctors do recommend not to use oils on babies but like you I too think oil massage is very important.


  6. MeenalSonal says:

    These are great tips for first time mommies. Ues massage Done in right manner helps kids grow well.


  7. mominprocessnow says:

    That is very informative for new mothers adding to this it is quite important to note that you have to check the allergies etc . Like as soon as I tried dabur Lal tail on my baby, which is quite famous and a lot of people use it. My son got rashes all over his skin. We are now using coconut oil in Summers and homemade mustard and garlic oil in winters


  8. Farheen Khan says:

    dimple you have covered this topic very well. this information is very important for new mothers. I got to learn about the eyebrow and upper lip massage from the Malish wali who used to massage Ayan.


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