Our fashion Story ! Cute or Cool ?

👗With a Girl around the major benefit is the dressing. But frilly frocks ? Noooo, that’s not what we like. Tom boyish clothes, short skirts with T-shirts, Crop Top with Shorts, or collared frocks is what we adore.Yes that’s our fashion style, I don’t like buying cute clothes but I like buying cool clothes for her.My fashionista loves wearing new clothes, she judges herself on how she is looking, also judges my clothes & if I wear something that she rejects, then she brings the roof down. So I need to loyally listen to the fashion tips that she gives me.

This post is about how I shop for Avisha.

👗We shop occasionally depending on our needs or rather say our mood, shopping a lot makes no sense because the kids tend to out grow their clothes soon & also I get bored of looking at her wear the same clothes I need to see her in new clothes, I like it that way.

👗We prefer online shopping, Hopscotch or First Cry & if there is any where else that I need to go then it would be Westside, Mother care, The Children place, Big Bazaar or H&M. I don’t like to spend much on her clothes, because it’s waste of money so we target the sales, we hit the stores when there are huge discounts running and also shop during the online sale.

📿Her House Wear :We prefer Simple Soft clothes for the Summer, something which is sleeveless that makes her look Cool as well as she is comfortable.

📿Park Wear :Park Wear is always a t-shirt along with Shorts or Tracks, tracks preferably because she shouldn’t spoil or hurt her Knees.

📿Relatives House Visit :This is when the frocks come out, she should look a little girly right ? 😉 That’s the reason why I make her wear frocks 😋

📿Weekends :We prefer wearing new clothes as we click a lot of pictures during the weekends and as I told you I don’t really like to repeat her clothes for pictures. The weekend wear includes Tops, Shorts, playsuits, skirts etc. Whatever is new in the Wardrobe

📿Functions :It’s only for the functions that those frilly frocks come out & I haven’t bought any for her it’s always the gifts, I still prefer wearing her nice Tops with Tights or Skirts.

📿Night wear :We have a mixture of full sleeves as well as half sleeves t-shirts along with full pants. Full sleeves is because of the Air conditioner. We don’t opt for thick night wear, as it’s more of summers here we opt for very light, soft cotton & also try to avoid dark colours.

♥️Some tips :

  • Prefer opting for clothes which can be mixed & matched with each other.
  • If your buying 4 t-shirts then you can buy 2 shorts.
  • If in case your buying 10 sets then you can buy 2-3 big ones out of that, so that it can be preserved for the future.
  • Set up a budget for clothes, for toys and stick to it (which is really tough), this really helps.
  • Stick to your brand’s, if you feel a particular brand has suited you stick to that.
  • Check on child’s comfort first and then the design.
  • Try experimenting with colours apart from the normal pink & blue.
  • Ask your kid to choose, they start developing fashion sense right from a young age.
  • If you feel the kid has started crying after wearing a particular dress then remove it right away.

We love shopping and also wearing new clothes so this is what we follow and this is how we shop. Do let us know your tricks on shopping for your little one. 🥰

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