Nimyle – Power of Neem

All of us know on how Neem has been used since Ancient times, it has been used to cure a lot of diseases, it’s used as a soothing agent and also as an antiseptic.

We have come across a lot of products that contain Neem along with various other chemicals to use as a floor cleaner. But how about having Neem as the major ingredient without any other harmful chemicals.

Nimyle !! Nimyle is one such product which works as a very effective floor cleaner without any other harmful ingredient.

Refer the image below to see the ingredients :

Why do you think we are giving so much importance to A floor Cleaner ?

Well with kids and pets at home it’s really important to have a safe floor cleaner.

Avisha is someone who still ☘️Eats from the floor, ☘️Sits on the floor most of the time, ☘️ Sometimes when tried even sleeps off on the floor.

Considering all these things, I really need to have a safe floor cleaner. It was after the experiments shown by the experts that I got to know what actually the other floor cleaners are containing.

The right products are now available from a very well known brand, which is what matters. I trust Nimyle and have made the switch. Have you ?

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. poseinstyle says:

    Nimyle sounds like a great product with natural ingredients neem for floor cleaning and antibacterial agents


  2. simisp says:

    These days we really need to keep hygiene lifestyle nice post definitely will check out…


  3. I am totally agree, with kids it’s really important to have a safe floor cleaner. I will definitely going to check out this cleaner. Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Neem has good properties that help preventing many disease and I will try out this floor cleaner for my house


  5. Sweetannu says:

    Nimyle is a trusted brand and I love the fragrance of it. Time to switch to neem


  6. priyanka chhabria says:

    Very nice product as it has neem. Will definitely try it out as my toddler is always on floor nowasdays.


  7. that’s a great info, even my son likes to play on floor, I must get my hands on Nimyle.


  8. pamela says:

    Nimyle is very trusted and old brand. Good ayurvedic product.


  9. Great read. Your post has only further increased my interest about Nimyle ☺️


  10. Never knew of this brand.
    But now will try out this.


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