Kids Fun, Mommy’s Run 💟

It’s summer and kids love being outdoors.

It’s the best activity & also has a lot of Benefits :

  1. Kids get exposed to other kids so that results in increase of Immunity.
  2. In the Evenings they place so much which results in improvement of Diet.
  3. They tend to get so tired which gives them a good night sleep.
  4. They learn to socialize and also become strong.
  5. They become an Active baby and will love being outdoors and not be the kid who would always want to be at home. Where do you think is the best to take them and go ?

Well for us on daily basis it’s the nearest parks. But a child friendly park on Harrington road is tough to find. Do we have an alternative ? Oh yes we do. We’ve got MCC school. Which not only is Avisha’s favourite but all of us at home love the place because of the walkers club that they have.

Avisha’s fun time becomes our fitness time. All of us i.e My In Laws, My Husband, & me have registered for the walkers club and we go there not only for our morning walks but in the Evenings too either of us take her to the park. It’s very close to our house so I don’t carry much stuff, just her water bottle, a Napkin & something to Munch on. May be a Banana or a Cheese Slice.

They’ve got a huge ground so Avisha loves running around, also they have a small play area with Swings, Slides & Marry go Rounds. She enjoys the Marry Go Rounds the most.

I wear her Comfortable cotton clothes, a T Shirt & Shorts may be along with Crocs or Shoes. She is not that comfortable with Sandles as she doesn’t like Mud on her feet.

Alternatively on Saturdays or atleast twice in a Month I try taking her to the Chetpet Eco Park, where she sees a lot of Ducks, Fishes, meets other children, walks around the Water Pond.

What are the safety measures to be taken at such places :

  • Make sure the kid doesn’t throw or eat the Mud.
  • Never leave the child unattended while on any play equipment.
  • Follow the rules of the park.
  • Make sure that the Child is not hurt or doesn’t hurt any other kid.
  • Beware of Mosquitoes, either wear the kid full clothes or apply a mosquito repellent. (Mama Earth is the best)
  • Try going before 5.30 so that it isn’t dark.
  • Make sure the kid doesn’t touch any harmful thing or any Animal which is around the park.

Next, Coming to things to carry :

  1. Extra Pair of Clothes & Diaper.
  2. Water & Snacks.
  3. Mosquito Repellent.
  4. Baby Wipes.
  5. Napkins.
  6. A Lotion (In case of any hurt or Mosquito bite)
  7. Sunglasses & Hat if incase your going early like around 4.

Few things that we shouldn’t stop the kids from :

  1. Running about & Exploring the place.
  2. Trying new play equipments.
  3. Talking to other people & Kids.
  4. Playing in the Sand.

To enter MCC you will have to take the annual walking membership which is around ₹ 700-800 & the ECO park would cost you around ₹ 20-30 per person and free for the kids.

Eco park also has a lot of food stalls plus they also have boating, we haven’t been for that though.

They have also got decent washroom

This Post is part of the Prompt : If you Love Nature you will find beauty everywhere.

Parks are the best place to find Nature and the best way to keep the kids occupied during Holidays.

Additional Tip : If your going to a Huge Park then you should carry a pram or a tricycle along so that the child can enjoy the fresh air even after getting tired.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. jameela says:

    Hey wow very informative… I too love the eco parks more…


  2. Pallavi Tiwari says:

    Such a helpful video.


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