Travel Foods for Kids !

All of us Love Travelling, going for a Holiday but it’s tough after kids.We don’t really find it comfortable because of the Food. A Hungry kid always troubles. But what if these problems are sorted ?

Well yes, here I am bringing to you travel food ideas for Babies of 6-12, 12-18 & 18-24 Months of age.

Few things we need to make up our mind on :

🌟The kid might not eat like how they do at home, so give them frequent mini meals.

🌟Carry loads of Healthy Snacks.

🌟Concentrate more on Fruits & Water.

🌟Feed the kid when you are eating & also what your eating.

Meals of 6-12 Months.

You need to decide if you want to give homemade or outside food. I feel if you are staying at a 4⭐ or 5⭐ property then you can give outside food. But that’s totally your choice.

If Homemade :

🌺You need to carry a travel cooker.

🌺If your going to carry food from home, it’s going to be really tough. I would suggest home food only when your going for any wedding and staying in a guest house or farm house or service apartment or if going abroad.

🌺When Avisha was 8 Months I travelled to a near by resort, it was the first time I was travelling with her after I put her on Solids.

This was how her meals looked like :

Outside Food options :

🍡Breakfast :

Porridge/ Idly/ Idiyappam/ Boiled Potatoes.

🍡Mid Day Snacks :

Banana/ Breast Milk.

🍡Lunch :

Chapatti/ Khichdi/ Mashed Rice (On special request)

🍡Evening Snacks :

Porridge/ Soup/ Juice.

🍡Dinner :

Dosa/ Uttapam/ Cerelac/ Idly Milk.

If your child has teeth you can also give them Chapatti dipped in Daal.

🌺These are the things which are quiet common and are easily available. We stayed at a 5 star property so I was okay with giving her outside food.

🌺Before I travelled I experimented with a lot of different food items for her, to rule out the risk of any kind of allergies.

🌺Compromising on the place of stay is something which should be avoided while travelling with Infants. If your not sure of the place home food is the best & also Cerelac is the best option. You can consult your pediatrician and then go ahead with the best one. (Usage of Cerelac occasionally is not wrong)

Meals for 12-18

🍆Planning meals for kids of 12-18 months is much more easier than the younger ones as they have teeth.

🍆Apart from the above HOME MADE MEALS, you can add on these as well, as now these kids have teeth.

  • Milk Biscuit. (Evening Snacks)
  • Varieties of Theplas/ Parathas.
  • Wheat Bread with Butter & Jam.

🍆Coming to OUTSIDE FOOD :

🍆You can carry palm candy sugar and add that to the Chapatta or Rice or even Idly, Dosa.

🍆Panner ki Subzi with Roti can also be given.

🍆You need to look around your food and you can definitely figure out what your child can have.

Meals for 18-24

🌺I wouldn’t recommend Home food for 18-24 months, as they wouldn’t like any of these much. But if you feel your child would like then you can carry food from home as well.

🌺 After Avisha completed 15 Months I didn’t really carry much of home food during travel, because she got comfortable by eating outside and also enjoyed eating what we ate.

🌺 But ofcourse I always carried either Roti, Dosa or Parantha in case of Emergency & yes loads of Snacks.

🌺 Pasta, French Fries, also can be added to the list.

Snacks to Carry :

  1. Fox Nuts.
  2. Cheese.
  3. Rice Puffs.
  4. Modak (Home Made)
  5. Ladoos (Home Made)
  6. Fruits & Dried Fruits.
  7. Slurp Farm biscuits.
  8. Mummum Melties.
  9. Timios Puffs.
  10. Chocos.
  11. Dates.
  12. Dried Apricots

♥️The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to keep the child well hydrated, even if the kid fusses in eating, fruits, water & Juice will at least help them in staying hydrated.

I hope this post helps, enjoy your future trips & travel with a swag 😉

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  1. Wow explained nicely…well written…great ideas..keep writing


    1. Jameela says:

      Hey this is most required for me, as I always look out for foods suitable for my baby Tas, this wld help me out n I wld like to know Dimple wat is this palm candy??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. earlymomage says:

        Palm candy is a different type of Sugar. Generally called as Mishri.


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