Delhi Winters – Not so Comfortable !

🦋Taking kids out of their comfort zone is definitely not easy. Last month I travelled to Delhi. It was Peak Winters. I over thought a lot and took a lot of precautionary measures.



⛈️Jackets etc.

🦋The moment we reached Delhi I changed Avisha into the winter Clothes. As we reached the Hotel, Avisha started with Running nose. And that definitely changed our mood. I gave her a glass of warm milk, she didn’t like eating anything so I kept her on liquids and soft hot Khichdi.

🦋From the next day onwards, the functions had started. She did well in the first function. She had her breakfast properly, her lunch properly and post that she slept. That evening we didn’t go anywhere because I wanted her to be fine for the next days functions.

🦋After her evening Snacks and dinner that night she slept. Suddenly around 12’o clock she got up crying. I then fed her, she was on my feed for almost 1 hour. Everyone around was awake and enjoying.

🦋 I then realised that she has got fever. She had become super cranky. My parents and My husband tried to divert her a lot.

🦋 I immediately gave her Crocin which I actually didn’t want to give, because I wanted to check her temperature first. But it was the need of the hour.

🦋 That night was horrible. I fed her for almost 3 hours throughout the night.

🦋 The next day she was fine, with her normal routine. I also gave her a shower and that made a lot of difference. She was again playing around, had her meals. We also went for shopping, she did fine and then I took her for the wedding.

🦋She had a terrible cold but, her face had become dull. It was really tough for us to see her this way.

🦋We decided to prepone our tickets, we couldn’t tolerate the cold further. I wanted to get back home on immediate basis. I felt homesick and I knew Avisha felt the same as well. So we preponed our tickets by a day.

🦋 Unfortunately our flight got delayed as well. We had to wait at the airport for almost 4 hours. Avisha was all happy happy at the airport. Jumping around, talking to people. She also knew I think we were getting back home.

🦋Nothing should be done against the comfort zone of the kids. We should act wisely and take decisions on the basis of the child’s comfort. Looking at her suffer so much really made my husband and me feel miserable.

🦋We Parents sometimes for our happiness spoil the comfort zone of our kids. We need to rethink in every angle before taking any step or planning.

🦋 From 28° directly to 6° was too much for all of us.

🦋 Thanks to the medical kit that I carried along. It really helped me alot, to survive that situation.

🦋This was my story of travelling to Delhi in winters. I also have been to Delhi with her when she was 10 months old and that was in April.

🦋She did really well that time. She enjoyed herself and also the climate suited her. It was the cold that spoilt everything.

“Child’s Comfort Zone check is the first and foremost Priority”.

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