Mom’s too Need A Break

This post is a surprise to my husband πŸ’–

Every Mom needs a perfect Holiday where she can only Relax, Relax and Relax. This is a Dream with a kid around.

Well it was the same for me as well. I always wanted to go on a holiday and just relax and not do anything. But with Avisha it has never been that way. Her Meals, her Bath, her diaper change, following her wherever she goes, everything needs to be taken care of even when on a Holiday.

Recently we drove down to Pondicherry in the last weekend of 2018. We left early so that Avisha could sleep during the journey. And as planned she slept for like more than half of the journey.

Tip : During long drives opt for a time where the kid is sleeping.

After she woke up I made her eat breakfast. I carried food which was easy to eat while travelling.

Food Ideas : Any kind of Paratha, Dosa or Idlies. Also you can carry some thing to munch like Fox Nuts, Rice Puffs, Chocos, Melties, Popcorn, Cheese, Dry Fruits, Fruits like Pomegranate, Grapes, Banana.

The drive was comfortable as she is a music lover and we played all her favourite tracks and also she loves munching on to these things.

After Checking into the resort, we ordered for Lunch and I made Avisha eat Khichdi. Avisha is a fussy eater she cannot sit in one place and eat, I need to run behind her, divert her and then make her eat. So after I finished my meal I made her eat and then we slept.

Tip : We should finish our meal first so that we don’t get irritated when our kid doesn’t eat and can make her eat with patience.

She didn’t sleep though as she had finished her Nap, because of which I didn’t sleep too.

Tip : While travelling with a kid keep your Itinerary lite. Don’t plan for anything much on the first day of your stay.

On the first day we chilled out a bit in our resort and post that went to the beach which was close to our resort. I made her eat before we left so that made it easy for us to enjoy our sightseeing.

Tip : Make sure the baby’s stomach is full so that they don’t get Cranky.

I have a mantra that when on a holiday, she is allowed to eat anything she wants and also on Sundays.

Tip : More than food concentrate on the Kids water or liquid intake. Getting dehydrated is one of the major reason for kids falling sick.

Post the beach visit we went to the city and then for dinner. For dinner I made her eat Fries & Pasta. Because she likes that she didn’t fuss on eating. On our way back to the resort she slept, so we didn’t have to go through the putting her to sleep process.

The next day we went for breakfast and went swimming after sometime. So this was a turning point of our trip. My husband surprised me by making her eat breakfast and after that when I was going for giving her a shower, he asked me not to and took her for a shower, dressed her up and also made her eat. Whow ! That was like one big thing for me. As he asked me to sit and just relax.

This process continued until the last day of our trip. We also had a swing along so that helped us in making her sleep as well. I think this is the best thing any Man can do. And it is something that every Woman needs. If a Mom has someone to do all this even for a day it really makes a lot of difference in her life.

I’m really blessed to have a husband like Mitesh who helps me out with Avisha. She listens to everything that he tells.

The way he diverts her and plays with her is really different something that I can’t do at all. May be because of the patience level or the tension to get things done for her.

Mitesh & Avisha are my best travel buddies, he is the major reason for all my trips being so successful. Without him, nothing is possible.

#parenting #travellingwithatoddler #travelinstyle

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  1. Saniya zenia says:

    Very well written 😊😊😊 beautiful


  2. Sweetannu says:

    God bless your family. You are truly blessed. And really enjoyed reading your post.


  3. pamela says:

    Such lovely family you have. Yes, you are right true partner is always great. Nice post


  4. mominprocessnow says:

    Nice tips…. We are so scared with the lil one that we haven’t planned a trip yet.. but soon will be planning one


  5. That’s so nice of him.

    Btw u both doesn’t look like a parents. Indeed early momage πŸ˜‰


  6. sodapoplove says:

    Is so nice that your husband took over completely while you relaxed. Thank you for sharing tips from your own experience


  7. I hundred percent agree. Mom’s too deserve a much needed break πŸ™‚


  8. Sapna says:

    Such a lovely post.. Will let my husband read it.


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