Her First Flight Story

My best friend was to get married in December in Pune. It was all planned before I Delivered. She was very stubborn that I had to come for the wedding at any cost. But I wasn’t sure. Because I had no clue on how it would be to travel with an Infant.

After Avisha was born we took multiple trips in and around Chennai. After the first few travels I kind of gained confidence to take her alone and planned for her wedding in Pune.

Pune is kind of Cold in December so I had to shop accordingly for her and I shopped light party wear stuff for myself as I had to carry her around all the time. So clothing had to be really “comfortable”.

We took a morning flight and to my surprise she did really well throughout the journey. There were other kids who cried but she was all quiet. A tip for the airhostess : Feed the baby during take off & landing.

Well this helped me a lot as it diverted her and also didn’t give her ear pain. She slept throughout the journey once we were about to land I made her wear sweater thinking it would be cold. But it wasn’t. So my fear of the cold effecting her also vanished.

We reached the hotel and got all ready for the functions, Avisha was the centre of attraction, all my friends took care of her and helped me with her. As she was 5 months and totally dependent on my feed, food was also not an issue. ( As I always say the first 6 months is the best age to travel) πŸ˜€

The functions were all in the outdoors. So Avisha enjoyed looking at the lights around. She was still small to understand a lot of things. But she knew we were out. She did not trouble me at all. It was a very comfortable stay and we really enjoyed with her.

There was one Hindrance that I faced :

As the functions was in the outdoors so for one of the night functions what I did was thinking it would be cold I made her wear Thermals and a full sleeves romper with leggings. She was all quiet and sleeping even in loud music. After she woke up suddenly she started crying I never really understood what happened then I realised that may be it would be her dress so I removed her clothes and changed her to something breezy. She settled post that.

A child’s comfort is really important. It it all on us how we understand their situation and react.

Things that made this stay comfortable :
❇️ No food Issues.
❇️ The climate was pleasant.
❇️I carried a Pram so that helped as well.
❇️I would Swaddle her so making her sleep or soothe her also was easy.
❇️She was used to going to everybody so I also could enjoy.
❇️ Her father really helped me get her ready so I could get ready easily.
❇️ We also took her for Shopping and she was all comfortable in the pram.

Few things we missed :

❌ Our other friends went out in the nights but we couldn’t.
❌ Missed being my best friends Perfect bridesmaid.
❌ Was late for a function because she was sleeping.
❌ Couldn’t really spend time with other friends.

But I’m really glad that I could be a part of my best friend’s wedding and Avisha really cooperated well and did good. 😊

Putting up few pictures of the Pune Wedding Series :

I would love to hear from you on how was your experience at a friend’s wedding with a baby.
Comment below and also share your views on this.

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