Birthday Getaway πŸŽ‰ 2017

15 days post her first Trip we went to a resort in ECR called Temple Bay ! It was actually a surprise planned by my husband for my birthday.

We did a 2 night 3 days stay there. This time I was all alone to take care of her, but I was kind of confident that I’ll be able to manage.

My first Hazard :
On our way to the destination we stopped by to have lunch, while we were eating she started feeling hungry so I went to the car park to feed her. I got into the car, it was September but was terribly hot. I didn’t realise that I didn’t turn on the AC and I started feeding her.

She started howling after 2 minutes because the car was parked in an open area so it’d got all heated up, moreover the AC was not on the windows were closed and above all my feeding gown.

Boyyy, she turned red. I freaked out. I tried calling my husband but he didn’t answer. Finally a driver from outside noticed and he came in and turned the AC on. That was a relief.

Learnings from this :

πŸ‘‰ When going to a restaurant, make sure the baby is done with their part of feeding, only then we can enjoy our meal.
πŸ‘‰ If your planning to feed in the car make sure you turn the AC on.
πŸ‘‰Always try and feed the baby somewhere inside, let it be even inside the restaurant as long as you have a feeding gown over.πŸ‘‰If you notice the baby crying immediately, change the atmosphere ( I should have got down from the car immediately rather than panicking in that situation. I lost my cool and my mind didn’t work looking at her cry that way)

After we reached our destination we kind off relaxed and decided to get out only in the late evening.

We went to the restaurant & ordered food, this time I made sure I would feed Avisha and then take her. So I fed her and she slept in the Pram, correctly when our food arrived she started crying and we had to take her out for a round, the hospitality there was so good that they helped us by taking her around and we finished our dinner.

After dinner, we walked around the resort clicked a few pictures. She was super happy and was enjoying.

My husband had different plans for me, so when I entered the room, I saw it fully decorated with Balloons and there lay my birthday cake. All the three of us cut the cake, sang & danced together. It was a perfect evening. Avisha did cry in between but I could divert her & manage her.

Next morning I got up startled. We kept the AC on throughout the night, Avisha got up for her midnight feed so while feeding her I slept off without noticing that she is outside her bed. (I carried the mosquito net covered bed this time as well) She wasn’t even covered with a blanket.

She was Cold in the morning and crying terribly.

This was the 2nd Hazard that I faced.

Action taken ?
I immediately took her out in the sun and gave her a massage. I had an Ayurvedic Oil at that point which I used to apply on her for Cold. So I used that to massage her so that it could radiate heat into her body and staying under the sun also helped.

She then became fine and was back to her normal self.

Learning out of this situation :
πŸ‘‰We should always set the AC temperature according to the comfort of the baby.
πŸ‘‰We should never sleep feed the baby, especially when we know that we are super tired.

I should have at least covered her with a blanket while feeding her.

The second day morning after our breakfast my husband and me decided to go for a swim. But how do we with Avisha around ?

So what we did was we opted for a small pool and put her in the pram by the pool & played some music.

This way she was also fine and we also enjoyed our swim. Though we stayed in for around 20 minutes. We would have a constant eye on her & take turns and go. One of us would always be next to her.

That evening we just chilled around by the beach and in the garden clicked a few pictures. We stayed there that night as well and left the next morning.

It was overall an amazing trip. A well planned memorable birthday.

Resort Details :
Mahabalipuram Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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