The Pee Buddy

Using a public toilet has always been a nightmare. I’m easily prone to UTI. So I always used to prefer not using the loo. And wait to get back home. ( I know it’s something not advisable but I used to do that)

A few days back I received a product from Peebuddy India, who in collaboration with First Step & Sirona are spreading awareness about Peebuddy. Worlds first Female Urinating Device.

Often while Travelling let it be by nay means we are a little reluctant to use the toilets also while shopping let it be a Mall or local markets it’s not easy for we ladies to use the toilets but now with the help of this device we can go outdoors in ease.

We don’t have to hunt for a clean toilet, or waste time cleaning the toilet or covering it with tissues or bending.

This is a really easy to use, a must have product for all the ladies. It is very useful. Yes I have tried it out. I always carry one along with me. It’s easily available on

So why wait. Hurry up and take a step towards hygiene.

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