The first Trip 💃

When I was pregnant my husband & me had a lot of Conversations on how our life would be after our baby, will we go out less, will we travel less ? But we would always conclude with a statement saying we’ll get the baby used to it from an early age so it won’t be difficult for us.

Our first trip with Avisha was to a farmhouse in ECR with my entire family. As Avisha was less than two & a half months old we decided to go to a close by place and to go with our family.

Her packing ?

I travelled very lite with her. Took things which are extremely useful and as we were staying by the beach I took clothes accordingly and also carried a few lite clothes. (I’ll not go on to what and all is required to pack because that is known by almost everyone) Just two important things Nasal drops & Colic aid drops is a must.

It was a 36 hour stay, we had a small photoshoot for her over there and also that was the time when she took her first dip into the huge tub. (For her first experience in the Pool refer to my previous post)

We travelled by Car, she slept well and took her feed properly so the drive was comfortable. She slept almost throughout the journey. I wrapped her into a baby carrier so it kept her cozy and it was easy to carry her.

I wouldn’t go in-depth, the overall trip was an amazing one. Since I travelled with her for the first time I was a little nervous but because of my Mom being along I could manage.


Tip No 1 : While travelling with an infant for the first time, travel along with an elder.

Tip No 2 : Opt for a location close by within the duration of 3-4 hours.

As Avi was only dependent on my feed so the food part of the journey was sorted.

Tip No 3 : Travel how much ever you want in the first 6 months as you don’t have the tension of feeding the baby.

Tip No 4 : Make sure you wear clothes which will help you to feed the baby easily, also carry a feeding gown as you might have to feed in public as well.

Tip No 5 : Make sure the baby is also in comfortable clothes.

We did a mini photoshoot for her there, she did good in the start but after one point she started crying terribly. I got scared didn’t really understand why was she crying. It’d become very tough to control her.

So this was the hazard that I faced during the trip. Now let’s see why did she cry & how did I over come it.

Reason for her Cry ?

It was too hot so she got tried & drained out because of which she started crying.

What action did I take ?

I took her to an air-conditioned room immediately & tried feeding her but that didn’t work, so I played soft music for her, songs that she likes and also gave her a massage. She felt little relaxed after that and then I swaddled her & fed her, which put her to sleep immediately.

Tip No 6 : Be careful of the climatic conditions outside.

Tip No 7 : Don’t tire the baby just for your happiness, we don’t realise the baby doesn’t really enjoy all of this in the begining stage.

She also enjoyed looking at the people around her, she played a lot & also slept a lot.

Tip No 8 : Don’t let everyone carry the baby, let the baby be in his/her own comfort zone. Kids generally don’t like to be carried a lot.

How did I manage her Sleeping ?

So I carried her net bed along, that helped me protect her from mosquitoes. I made her sleep where everyone was sitting, as she was used to sleeping even if there was noise around.

On our way back also she slept comfortably and we drove back home safely.

Tip No 9 : Always let someone experienced Drive as it’s really important to drive carefully while travelling with an Infant.

Lastly but the most important Tip,

Tip No 10 : Momma’s as y’all are new to motherhood, your diet would have been simple until now, so when you travel make sure of what your eating as that might effect your baby.

I’ll share my post pregnancy diet plan soon 🙂

This was the first trip that we took I’ll come up with more in the upcoming blogs.

Do share your feedback and for any queries so feel free to email or comment below.

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