Chills to Splashes

When I used to see kids getting scared of getting into the Pool at the age of 5 & 6 I used to wonder what can be done to make the kids fearless. My husband and me didn’t want our baby to get so scared of swimming or getting into the water.

So my husband & me decided to keep taking Avisha for swimming on a regular basis and to teach her swimming at an early age itself.

Avisha took her first Dip when she was 2 and a half months, just for a few minutes. It wasn’t a pool but it was huge tub filled with water. She initially was liking it, not knowing what exactly was happening post that she started feeling a little cold so we took her out immediately and I gave her a warm bath. Applied lotion & Coconut oil just to make sure she doesn’t get any allergies. (I applied oil before she got into the pool as well)

I did a little bit of research after that on when can the baby be taken in to the pool and things like that, as precautionary measures it’s better to introduce the baby to the swimming pool only after 6 months.

So after she had completed 7 months we went to a resort and there she went into the pool with her Grandfather. She really enjoyed splashing around and wasn’t ready to come out of the pool post that.

We bought a baby tube for her, so we used to put her into it and she gradually learnt cycling as well. Now she is very much comfortable with the water & really loves splashing, cycling & kicking.
Baby girl loves the water. ❤️

I’m just waiting for her to complete 2 years, so I can start her swimming classes. As in India they dont teach swimming before that.

Few Benefits of taking the baby swimming from an early age :

💧The baby’s skin gets used to the Chlorine.

💧The baby gets used to the water temperature.

💧 The baby learns kicking & Cycling.

💧 The fear of water goes away.

💧 We don’t have to torture the baby later to learn swimming by pushing them into the water or throwing them into the water ( I have seen parents doing that, they literally throw their kids in the water, force them to enter the pool, etc)

💧Best Activity from Childhood.

💧 Increases the Immunity.

Parents if incase your child is scared of water don’t force them, they will get used to it gradually. You can’t just put the kid in with an instructor, you need to go along and motivate the child, only then the fear will go out. Just putting the kid for a summer camp won’t help, taking them regularly for swimming only will help.

It’s the best exercise for we adults also as all the muscles in the body are used. So instead of going to the Gym, y’all can hit the pool along with your kids.

Swimming has made a huge difference in my life, I lost my baby fat after joining swimming only. So again out of personal experience I highly recommend swimming for everybody.

Also you could check out this link by a mommy for more tips on Swimming

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