“The Routine”

In my previous post I spoke about how to take care of the baby in the initial few days, now I’m going to talk about how did I set Avisha’s routine.

The word Routine itself sounds very scary, first and foremost for the Baby’s routine to be set we parents should have a steady routine. The routine of the baby depends on how we set it up. The first 40 days is what matters. The baby might take time to adapt into a new environment, new place, surroundings.

A few things we should do to make the baby feel comfortable is

šŸ“Œ Get a comfortable mattress for the baby let it be our own bed or on a Craddle. I opted for bed which had a mosquito net over it. So it helped me to protect Avisha from the Mosquitoes as well.

šŸ“Œ As I’d told earlier, Swaddle the baby as it gives warmth to the baby & also makes the baby stop crying. Well I experienced that with Avisha, the moment I swaddled her she would stop crying. It was really magical.

šŸ“Œ Babies when they are born have a weird head shape, so a proper Pillow really helps in shaping the Baby’s head. I opted for a Mustard seed pillow and also my Grandmother made a ring shaped pillow out of cotton cloth so that would fit her head perfectly and gave her head a proper shape.

šŸ“Œ Fix up a massage & Bath routine for the baby as that determines her sleeping routine as well. Avisha was so used to her bath routine that she would start crying around that time.

šŸ“Œ Keeping the baby in the Sun at around 9’o clock in the morning for at least 10-15 minutes also is important. Babies who are born with Jaundice are naturally treated this way. Avisha was one amongst them so this really helps a lot.

šŸ“Œ Fix up a schedule of feeding the baby every 2 hours. So that you don’t have to sit with the baby for long feeds.

šŸ“Œ Don’t Swaddle the baby when they are awake, give enough play time as well. This makes the baby tired and helps in putting the baby to sleep.

šŸ“Œ In the evenings walk around the house with the baby so that the baby sees the house and gets familiar with it.

šŸ“Œ In the nights give the baby a nice massage post which do a sponge bath with warm water at around 8.30 and then feed the baby, this will help the baby not disturb the Mom in the night.

šŸ“Œ The baby sometimes gets colicky, you can talk to your doctor about it. I used to apply Asafotida mixed with Water on Avishas tummy, so this used to soothe her. (Kindly check with your doctor before doing that) if not Colic Aid drops to the rescue. Please avoid giving Gripe water.

šŸ“Œ Don’t be next to your baby all the time let the baby go to the other family members as well. This helps in the baby getting used to them from Day 1.

šŸ“Œ While giving the baby a bath and while putting the baby to sleep, sing and read to the baby.

šŸ“Œ Most importantly, give yourself adequate rest and also pamper yourself by getting a massage done at least once in a week. This is also a great way to come out of Postnatal Depression.

We parents are very particular about the Baby’s routine and don’t allow anyone to disturb the baby when it’s sleeping or drinking milk. We think it’s right, I also used to. But one way now I feel it’s wrong, because people at home used to Disturb Avisha, I never used to tell anything. Now I see that Avisha has got adapted to any kind of atmosphere any kind of environment. She can sleep anywhere. Even if I wake her up in-between her sleep she wakes up fresh. It’s all because she was used to it from her early days.

With a baby it’s all about how we get used to him/her. These are few things that I followed in Avisha’s first 3 months.

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