The D Day – “Part 2”

The second day passed by, that night also my husband was sleepless because he had to take care if there were any water breaks or any pain that arose and I slept peacefully. He was so particular that he didn’t let the nurses take me for the Baby’s heart beat check also which was scheduled for around 4.00 am. The duty doctor got so angry when she found out that the fetal heart rate wasn’t checked.

At around 6.a.m I went to the labour room they did a few checks. There was still no dilation. The heart rate of my baby was checked which was all normal, they checked for cramps as well but I didn’t have any cramps. At around 7.30 they gave me an Enema and post that injected me with a higher dose of the medicine so that I get into labour, 2 hours passed by and still there were no signs of the pain at all. I could hear the nurses talking about doing something called ARM. I was kind of worried on what was going to happen. After sometime my husband came in and I asked him to google what’s ARM ( Google a Saviour), he checked and it said “Artificial Rupture of Membrane” I really didn’t understand I just knew she would use some instrument and cut the water bag. I was getting really very scared.

The doctor came, I was really friendly with my doctor so I asked her what happened. She asked me to relax and not panic as it would effect the baby. She could sense that I was too stressed and dehydrated she calmed me down and gave me something to drink. She said as there was no pain they’ll just break the water bag artificially and post that I’ll get into labour. So they started with the procedure and all of a sudden I could hear a balloon burst and post that I had no idea on what was going on. I felt I was in a different world, world of pain, pain and pain. I couldn’t breathe. It was beyond my baring capacity. I shouted, screamed on top of my voice. Asked everyone to do a Caesarean for me, but all went in Vain. No-one was listening. I also hit & Punched my husband (which I got to know later on) kept shouting at the nurses the nurses would only smile. They tried to pacify me but I couldn’t control.

After a while one by one my parents, in law’s came in and met me, I pleaded to do an operation for me but they didn’t agree, my Mom was sent out because she started crying looking at me and my dad started telling my husband to do a Caesarean only as he couldn’t see me in so much pain.

At around 12.45 my husband asked the duty doctor to check if I’d dilated, she checked and was shocked to see that I’d dilated fully, suddenly I could see the labour rooms atmosphere change, people were running from here to there, one arranging for things, one of them calling the doctor, I just closed my eyes, my husband was happy and kept telling we are almost there, I just kept my eyes shut and kept praying my pain got even more intense.

After sometime I think 2-3 minutes or don’t know how long because I didn’t realise but when I opened my eyes I saw my Doctor who was asking me to Push. I was very tired and drained out completely. I didn’t have the strength at all. But still my doctor motivated me and kept instructing me on what to do.

I obeyed her. I had only one thing in mind, I have to take out the baby. My sister had given me a tip, she asked me to concentrate on taking out the baby and not on the pain. This helped a lot. The nurses helped me in pushing. I should say they were really supportive. So with the intense pain, tiredness and eagerness to take the baby out I just closed my eyes, pushed hard, all them shouted along with me and then heard a sweet cry, there came my baby who just wobbled out and gave me immense relief. I really couldn’t believe that I delivered normally. It was all like a movie. I wasn’t prepared for anything. I just kept taking things as it came my way.

The feeling at that moment is really inexpressible. From acute pain to no pain at all within a second, it felt really amazing. This can be felt only in a normal delivery. This is the real feeling of motherhood, the real feeling of giving birth, the real pain with 200% pleasure.

With all that chaos the doctor forgot to inform about the gender. We also didn’t ask, after like 2 minutes my husband saw and announced that its a baby girl. I looked at my husband we both had tears in our eyes and the doctor’s were rushing in doing the post birth formalities. All I asked the doctor was if the baby is normal, she said she is.

The doctor was really happy the way I responded. She appreciated my Yoga tutor because that really helped me a lot. Even the breathing techniques taught helped me.

I was then shifted to the room waiting for my baby to come. The moment I entered the room I saw all my relatives in there with smiles all over their face. I was glad to give happiness to so many people.

My baby came after an hour or so, the moment I carried her my hands shivered I couldn’t utter a word, I just kept staring at her thanking God for everything. I was then asked to feed her. Never really thought how the feeding process would be. But the moment she started feeding I was in a whole different world. “Breastfeeding is a Boon” (Will write more about it in an other blog) it’s really magical to see that a child knows how to breast feed from the minute they are born. I was lucky enough not to have faced any difficulties in breast feeding. The only difficulty I faced was sitting because of the pain in the stitches. Overall my 9 months of pregnancy and my labour went smoothly without any difficulties and I thank God & people around me for this.

One more thing that happened was My Little Angel was Born on the 18th of June 2017, which was Father’s Day. The Best gift a man can ask is a daughter being born and moreover on Father’s day is a whole different feeling.

This is the story of my baby’s birth. Yes it’s not easy people ask me if it was painful. I wouldn’t lie, it definitely is painful. I agree this freaks out a lot of you and I feel it should because it’s not a small thing. But because of all this don’t delay your pregnancy, don’t opt for a C section. Normal delivery gives you pain at that point but a C Section leaves a scar for life long.

There are certain unavoidable situations where we are forced to go in for C Section but that’s different, just opting for a C section because of the Pain is not right.

There are a few things which we need to do during the 9 months to have a normal delivery which I will write about in my next blog.

Child birth is not meant to be easy it takes a lot to bring someone into this World. 😊

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Shalini says:

    So well written….infact had happy tears remembering my delivery…. God bless you


    1. earlymomage says:

      Thank you so much Shalini 🙂


  2. Meghana says:

    Felt nice reading this but unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky to experience it. Still the c section also is a different joy.. When I saw my baby girl with the blood stains I just couldn’t speak anything..I was totally numb


    1. earlymomage says:

      It definitely feels nice in either ways. And what we experience only matters the most. 😘


  3. cedexcede says:

    Loved reminiscing with you, I myself am only a couple weeks away from delivering my second child. I had forgotten exactly what happened the day my first was born, but I’m confident that no matter was and am excited. Thank you for this amazing read.


    1. earlymomage says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 do follow my it account as well 🙂


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