The D Day – Part 1

As my due date was nearing my family members started being more cautious. I wasn’t allowed to go out anywhere alone, someone was with me all the time. When I went for my 9th month check up. The doctor examined me internally and found out that my cervix had opened up a bit. So she planned for an early delivery. She asked me to come after a week.

So the day before I had to go for the doctor’s visit, I felt some weird pain in my abdomen at around 12A.M, I couldn’t judge on what it was. It kept increasing so I called up my doctor and she asked me to wait and see for sometime. My husband made me walk around for a while and after some time it got better. Yes that was a false labour. I slept all night post that. But my husband stayed up all night, thinking what would happen 😀 “Husband’s the major pillar”

The next day I went for my check up and the doctor said that my dilation had increase, which led to an increase in the anxiety level. My father in law & my husband came along with me, the doctor suggested to get admitted that night and she would induce labour for me so that I could deliver she didn’t want to wait as I had dilated and also had a lot of swelling.

I got back home everyone was excited, my parents, my in-laws all of them were preparing to send me off to the hospital and started making arrangements at home.

We left home and on the way my husband took me for an ice cream, made me meet my grand parents and with full excitement & nervousness took me to the hospital.

The admission process took place and I was taken to the room where they induced a medicine, which would cause the pain. Few hours passed by the nurse kept coming and checking if there was any increase in the dilation or any water break but there were no signs of the pain coming. That night also I slept well but my husband was left sleepless.

Next day early morning they gave me another dose but it didn’t work, they totally gave me 4 doses until that night. My husband made me do squats and walk like all the time in the hospital room. But there were no signs of the pain.

The nurses kept asking, my parents were worried a few of my relatives even even suggested to go in for a C section as the pain wasn’t starting, but my husband was very stubborn to go in for a normal delivery only.

I had no idea on what the pain was going to be like. I never spoke to anyone about how it’ll be how is it going to start. I just knew that I would face whatever would come my way. I also wanted a normal delivery and followed a lot of things in my day to day routine of my 9 months to deliver normally.

But at that moment all I wanted was my baby to be healthy.

To be continued……..

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