Early pregnancy ? Pro Or Con ?

This is purely based on my life,

So as I’d mentioned earlier that I got pregnant at the age of 23 which is really really early, in the beginning I was upset but as days passed by and infact after my delivery I really find it the best decision of my life.

In my previous posts I’ve narrated my situation and explained about how each and every step was easy for me. So here below I have summed up all the pros of pregnancy.

The reasons being :

• Healthy baby :
Your babies health depends on your health. So if you are young you are healthier which shows on your baby as well.

• Easy recovery :
Being young makes your immune system strong, so let it be a normal delivery or a C section you will definitely have a speedy recovery.

• High energy level :
Moving about with a big tummy is really a tough task, but with high energy level you can do wonders even in your 9th month.

• The Bond :
Because you are small and are having a new experience, all your family members will be there to support you and guide you more on this.
The bonding that you hold with your husband also increases and it’s priceless.

• Being the first one to get pregnant in my friends circle also made me feel special as we are treated special and showered with a lot of care.

A beautiful thing created by God, which we should cherish and not run away from.

According to me there are no cons at all but from the publics point I would talk about that as well and also tell on how you can change your thoughts from negative to positive

So after speaking to a lot of people and knowing their thought process I have collected a few points.

The first and foremost thing that comes into a girl’s mind the moment she thinks about pregnancy is “I cannot take care of myself how will I take care of a baby”.

Well, that’s right most of us can’t take care of ourselves we are still naive and need to be pampered.

Guys, I’ve been a single child to my parents and have been pampered to the next level. Trust me there are many things which I cannot do on my own, I had the same thought when I got pregnant.

Nobody is born with the tact of taking care of a child, we learn. As we experience each and every phase with the baby we automatically get the power and the knowledge to judge on what is right and what is wrong for our baby. Our mind works 10 times faster, we grow together. And not to forget we have our parents to guide us and take us through the journey.

The second point being CAREER.
Each and every one of us these days are career oriented so am I. We don’t want our education to go in vain. We also need fame, name and respect. Well who said we cannot continue our career with a baby.

Tell me something if you get married at the age of 24 and concieve by 26 and start your career after your baby turns two years. Is it too late ? Or working hard till 28 and then taking a break from your career and then starting again from the scratch at the age of 32. Don’t you think that’s even more tough.

In this generation we have so many opportunities and facilities to work even with a baby. We get maternity leaves, we have work from home facility, we have an option to put our children in day cares, we can take our children to office. And most importantly our parents are young so they can very much take care of the baby while we are at work.

So according to me this shouldn’t be a reason for the delay in pregnancy.

Coming to the third point ” BONDING WITH THE FAMILY & PARTNER”

Guys guys guys, a baby is the best way to increase the bond with your partner as well as your family members. All the cute little things that the baby does is adored and the mood is cheered which results in solving a lot of problems.

“Insufficient time spent with your partner” is the next concern and definitely this is a major concern. But after the baby is born you spend more time together because both of you work together towards the betterment of the baby. Let it be from changing diapers to putting the baby to sleep Dad’s are the best at it and have their own innovative ways to do things for their kids which we Mom’s can never ever think off.

Your partner sees you do so much work, sees that you are tired, he will pamper you and support you even more in this situation. Which ultimately increases the bond as well as y’all take out time for each other in some way or the other.

Guys there are a lot of pros and cons in every thing that we do. It’s all on how we take it. What you see as a pro I might see that as a con. Giving birth is a natural thing which should be done on time. Blessed are the ones who bring a new soul into the world. Delaying in pregnancy might only make things tough, keeping in mind the lifestyle of the current generation.

There is nothing which cannot be taken positively it’s all on how to think. Your thought process matters.

Please do comment on what do you think early pregnancy is Pro or Con ? 🙂

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Himanshi Bordia says:

    Aye , I guess It’s best to have a baby early and then start with your career and grow together !
    Amazingly you’ve put it out ❤️


    1. Shreenidhi says:

      Awesome dimple💓 I can just imagine how nice it would be. U have put it up so we’ll.. definitely early pregnancy is a blessing.


      1. earlymomage says:

        Thank you so much Shreenidhi 💯


    2. earlymomage says:

      Thank you so much ❣️


  2. pamela says:

    A great post dimple. It is surely a great thing. Keep shining 🙂


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