The Final one – 3rd Trimester

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog, due to some personal reasons I couldn’t and hence forth I’ll make sure I regularly will put up posts.

For the people who are confused, Im not pregnant again, I have a 13 months old daughter, whom I’ll introduce very soon but currently I’m just sharing my personal experience (Refer the About for more details).

Coming to the 3rd Trimester. The Final Trimester, yes which means 6 done 3 more to go. It isn’t as scary as it sounds. This trimester might go a little slow because there is an increase in the curiosity and anxiety for the new member to arrive.

Excitement is at the peak, movements start getting intense, the preparations begin, the baby shower takes place so a lot of things happen in these 3 months.

My third Trimester started in the Month of April. In the middle of my 7th Month I went for the scan and came, I could literally see my baby smiling, moving his/her hands and legs. Scan days used to be the best days & the moment the doctor used to ask us to get the scan done we would run immediately without even wasting a single moment.

In this particular scan you can see the features of the baby clearly, you can see the baby movements and also the expressions are visible.

So in the beginning of my 7th Month my family members planned to surprise me with a small baby shower. It was a South Indian themed get together where only close family members and friends were called. I was given a Royal treatment and they cooked the food that I like.

I also went for a family trip in the beginning of my 8th month, I know it’s a little risky but because my family was there It was safe to travel. We went close by only again to a resort but an other one. I carried my doctor’s file along just in case to be on a safe side. So we travelled by car and my husband drove really carefully,

By the end of the 8th month I started preparing for the arrival of the new born. We shopped very basic and limited stuff like Blankets, towels, clothes ( very lite clothes like Jablas and Banyans) Toiletries, Diapers, cloth Diapers, wrapping cloth etc. These are the basic things required for the first 40 days.

I had to pack a bag for me as well which had all the hospital needs and I opted for a small basket for the baby which was really handy in the hospital.

My husband and me got a small cupboard also for our baby which we put up with a lot of excitement. We made space for the toys and the gifts that would come in.

I had rearranged my room, did thorough cleaning of the room especially the bed, took out a lot of my husband’s things so that my babies stuff would fit in 😀 We were filled with a lot of excitement and eagerness for the baby.

I had a lot of swelling. My legs especially were swollen that even walking had become tough. There were situations where I used to just stand off not having the strength to walk and my husband would pull me and take me and go.

All these small small things really made a lot of difference. There are many untold things which really matter a lot and which increases the bond. Pregnancy is a life changer but a beautiful journey. 9 months just fly, we overcome every situation. It’s all on how we take it, if God puts us in a particular situation it’s only because we have the ability and capacity to face it. The strength comes from within.

I had a beautiful 9 months journey as I have shared it with y’all. Everyone’s is not the same. Some ups and downs are definitely there. But it’s all worth as the return that we get is beyond our imagination and it’s definitely the bestest thing a person can get.

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  1. Shradha says:

    My love, amazingly written ONCE AGAIN 😀


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