The Second Trimester

Yaaayyyyy, 3 out of 9 are over that’s a great sigh of relief. Coming to the next three months of pregnancy which is the best of all. Morning sicknesses ? Gone, sleepy days and sleepless nights also are gone. Now we are in such a phase where we are used to being pregnant, we enjoy our pregnancy because our cravings start and there is the HUSBAND there to full fill all of it.

This is the time where we can start doing Yoga, people advice us on doing all the possible work, to bend, to sit down etc. After one point it starts getting annoying because everyone keeps talking about the same thing and we keep thinking, YAAA YAAA YAAA, I know about it ! What next ! We need to carry a smile and agree to whatever they tell, apparently it’s for our good 🤗

We are pregnant, we carry a life within us so I agree it’s not a small thing. But it’s something which is very much normal. Our normal activity can go on as always, we just need to be careful in whatever we do. One hour of walking and an hour of exercise is a must as we girls these days don’t indulge much in the house hold activity thinking we are pregnant. But it’s wrong, the more we work the merrier. We won’t feel sick, we’ll feel good. Walking ? Exercising ? Moving about ? The best things to be done. We should make sure that we squat and sit. We shouldn’t bend our back as it might effect the baby.

One thing that worries us at this point in time is our weight gain, as our morning sicknesses are over we tend to put on weight in short “The Pregnancy weight”. We are worried because our figure might go out of shape, but we also long for the cute little baby bump which shows out by the end of this Trimester.

I had a small bump my tummy did not show up until my 7th month. People were worried if it was normal or not. I also lost a few kilos in the beginning of the trimester because my vomiting continued until the end of the 4th month. But after that I enjoyed eating and gradually started putting on as well 😀

Shopping, something that all we girls love to do, as days pass by we out grow our old clothes so we need to shop and get new ones. So this is the time where we’ll have to go for our maternity shopping, out go the old boring clothes and in comes the cute maternity wear.

Out of personal experience I would want to give a tip, it’s better to get big sized clothes and get it altered or to get clothes stitched in this situation so that you don’t have to invest much on clothes which will be of no use in the future.

Babymoon, time to pack your bags and go for an amazing vacation where you can get yourself pampered, relax, shop and spend quality time with THE HUSBAND.

So, I went for my babymoon to a resort in Mahabalipuram. Trust me it was one of the best times of my life. Because I was being treated royally by the people out there. The hospitality given was amazing. No matter what I craved even in the middle of the night they would get that for me. This was a situation which my husband took advantage of. If he felt like having anything which was out of the menu he would tell them that it was for me and they would get it at any cost. We also had our photoshoot there. My husband made me pose and clicked pictures in every angle.

This trimester will fly away in a jiffy because there are a lot of fun and exciting things to do, the pain is less and we are getting more happier day by day as we have accepted the fact of being pregnant and our bonding with the little one inside has started ☺️

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  1. Payal says:

    Can feel the feelings expressed in the blog


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