The 1st Trimester

Every pregnancy has 3 Trimesters, the first three months are called as the First Trimester which is one of the longest, because it’s mixed with a lot of emotions. It includes a lot of morning sickness, a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety, a lot of deep thoughts on what your going to go through in the next 9 months, on how your life will change. So it’s not the medical aspects that make it long but the psychological aspects.

In my case, I got to know that I’m pregnant only after completing one and a half months of my pregnancy. So half of my trimester was already covered. Coming to the other half, it started with doctor visits. I had a lot of things to ask her about the Do’s & Dont’s as I was curious, nervous, worried. So she asked me to be very much normal and asked me avoid doing few things like lifting up heavy things, bending etc.

When I went for the scan with my husband for the first time we were kind of upset with each other over something, we waited for our turn and when we were called in we entered with long faces. We were tensed if the babies heart beat had started or not because my babies heart beat hadn’t started until the end of the 7th week where it generally starts off by the end of the 6th week.

As the process of the scan took place we were getting nervous but didn’t look at each other at all. The doctor started showing us and when she checked for the heart beat she made us here a noise which melted both of us right away and our eyes met with tears in it. We had a sight of relief. We felt connected. We felt complete. We couldn’t speak a word. We had a lump in our throat. We left the room holding each other’s hands and promising each other on not to crib over small things.

Pregnancy is such a magical phrase of life where everyone around shows so much love and care your bonding with your husband increases more than 10 times.

I used to keep thinking why did I get pregnant so soon, because most of my friends are unmarried and the ones married were not even close to the thought of getting pregnant. It was really a tough task for me to accept the fact that I’m going to have a baby. I was really very shy to even announce my pregnancy. Most of my friends didn’t even believe that I’m pregnant.

I really expected people would start moving away from me because I was the odd one out. So it really took a lot of time for me to share this out with my friends.

But my thoughts changed, yes, not because I did not have any other option but because of the response I got from people around me when they got to know I was pregnant. At this point, all my negative thougts changed to positive.

Everyone was so happy to know I was carrying, my friends, my cousins, my relatives. There was someone or the other all the time sending yummy things for me to eat, people would call and keep asking about my health. When I would meet someone they kept pampering me on to eat properly, to walk slowly I started loving the importance and attention that I was getting.

I became happier day by day and all the negative things that were running in my mind changed to positive. 🙂

Many of you pregnant ladies or ladies planning to get pregnant will have all these thoughts in your mind I’ll just say one thing

” Everything will fall in place if you stay strong and positive”.

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  1. Payal Nagpal says:

    I can totally imagine the situation while going through your blog. The baby has brought all positivity in the world.

    Keep it up.. keeping writing


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