Before “The Start”

So my Husband Mitesh and I knew each other since a very long time, we gradually started liking each other but for a fact we knew that we couldn’t get married because of our caste.

We left our relationship on God, we decided to continue our relationship but didn’t think about the future. We knew if it was meant to happen we would get married no matter what.

As years passed by, his family wanted him to get married, now we knew we’ve got less time to decide on what has to be done. So he took a call on telling his Family about me. His parents didn’t really expect this, it was a real shock for them. They didn’t mind Mitesh doing a love marriage but the issue here was my caste. Days passed by there was a lot of chaos at his place and at my place. My parents also had an issue with the caste. It was a tough task for us to convince them as we didn’t want to go against them as well neither could we stay apart. We never wanted to pressurise them in anyway, we just wanted a chance to persuade them in a right way.

After a long wait he succeeded in convincing his parents at least to meet me. So first I met his dad and had a long conversation with him. I had butterflies in my tummy, I was nervous, excited, scared and thankful that God has given me a chance to prove my love for him.

It was an amazing feel to sit and talk to his parents. I frankly spoke on what I feel and genuinely answered what I was asked. After having a two and a half hours conversation with his family, I went back home to face my angry mom. She didn’t want me to go and meet his parents. I somehow tackled her and convinced her to meet Mitesh.

So the situation was now the other way around. My mom met Mitesh and wanted us to stay apart and see if we are able to live without each other. For her happiness we tried doing that as well but, couldn’t. She realised that I was getting depressed and things were not working out. So with utmost difficulty now our parents decided to meet each other.

That was a life changing situation where we figured out that yes we have hopes of getting married. Our parents met and spoke about how they are going to take this ahead. We were on cloud nine, we finally got what we wanted.

Ours was a hidden relationship. Not many people knew about it. Once we announced that we’re getting married everyone was shocked because they didn’t see this coming. 😀

It’s now that we think how much we torture our parents, trouble them, put them into difficult situations. They do so much for us and in return we only keep troubling them.

“PARENTS are valued only after we become one”.

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  1. Khushi Nichani says:

    Alls well that ends well..Its an awesome feeling to get married to the one u love…God bless u with the best years of ur life ahead😘


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