πŸ’Ÿ There are zillion of people who are into blogging, blogging about different things, different experiences, different facts & different topics.

πŸ’Ÿ Everyone’s experience is different and that is what people talk about. It cannot be told that this person is a good blogger or she is not. It is all about how to express your situation.

πŸ’Ÿ I have been into blogging for around a year, I haven’t been that regular. I have taken it lightly due to various things around. Sometimes I get demotivated looking at so many people around writing on the same things.

πŸ’Ÿ Sometimes when I think of something somebody else initiates it. Then there is a regret that arises that why didn’t I post it.

πŸ’Ÿ Blogging to people is a passion, as far as I know you can write about something only when your passionate over it.

πŸ’Ÿ There are a few things which I would want to change in my blogging style in the year 2019.

Yes as the topic goes “Unwritten” here I talk about my blogging resolution for 2019.

⏩ I plan to put up at least one blog post every week on my website, http://www.earlymomage.com

⏩ I plan to talk about one product that I use for Avisha every week on how has it helped me or not helped me. (On Instagram)

⏩ I plan to talk about how to make changes in Avisha that currently I’m unhappy about. (On Instagram)

⏩ I plan to start a YouTube Channel which I would love Avisha taking it forward in the future.

⏩ I plan to get friendly with Twitter & keep posting tweets regularly.

πŸ’Ÿ Being in a situation where I have to take care of Avisha, the house and also office I think if I achieve this for the year 2019, it will be a great milestone for me.

πŸ’Ÿ The only thing which has minimized my growth is lack of planning, if I plan things well in advance, if I plan my day then I think everything will be perfect.

πŸ’Ÿ Generally people take up resolutions and don’t really follow it but I ought to follow these resolutions taken as this is something I choose 😊

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Mom’s too Need A Break

This post is a surprise to my husband πŸ’–

Every Mom needs a perfect Holiday where she can only Relax, Relax and Relax. This is a Dream with a kid around.

Well it was the same for me as well. I always wanted to go on a holiday and just relax and not do anything. But with Avisha it has never been that way. Her Meals, her Bath, her diaper change, following her wherever she goes, everything needs to be taken care of even when on a Holiday.

Recently we drove down to Pondicherry in the last weekend of 2018. We left early so that Avisha could sleep during the journey. And as planned she slept for like more than half of the journey.

Tip : During long drives opt for a time where the kid is sleeping.

After she woke up I made her eat breakfast. I carried food which was easy to eat while travelling.

Food Ideas : Any kind of Paratha, Dosa or Idlies. Also you can carry some thing to munch like Fox Nuts, Rice Puffs, Chocos, Melties, Popcorn, Cheese, Dry Fruits, Fruits like Pomegranate, Grapes, Banana.

The drive was comfortable as she is a music lover and we played all her favourite tracks and also she loves munching on to these things.

After Checking into the resort, we ordered for Lunch and I made Avisha eat Khichdi. Avisha is a fussy eater she cannot sit in one place and eat, I need to run behind her, divert her and then make her eat. So after I finished my meal I made her eat and then we slept.

Tip : We should finish our meal first so that we don’t get irritated when our kid doesn’t eat and can make her eat with patience.

She didn’t sleep though as she had finished her Nap, because of which I didn’t sleep too.

Tip : While travelling with a kid keep your Itinerary lite. Don’t plan for anything much on the first day of your stay.

On the first day we chilled out a bit in our resort and post that went to the beach which was close to our resort. I made her eat before we left so that made it easy for us to enjoy our sightseeing.

Tip : Make sure the baby’s stomach is full so that they don’t get Cranky.

I have a mantra that when on a holiday, she is allowed to eat anything she wants and also on Sundays.

Tip : More than food concentrate on the Kids water or liquid intake. Getting dehydrated is one of the major reason for kids falling sick.

Post the beach visit we went to the city and then for dinner. For dinner I made her eat Fries & Pasta. Because she likes that she didn’t fuss on eating. On our way back to the resort she slept, so we didn’t have to go through the putting her to sleep process.

The next day we went for breakfast and went swimming after sometime. So this was a turning point of our trip. My husband surprised me by making her eat breakfast and after that when I was going for giving her a shower, he asked me not to and took her for a shower, dressed her up and also made her eat. Whow ! That was like one big thing for me. As he asked me to sit and just relax.

This process continued until the last day of our trip. We also had a swing along so that helped us in making her sleep as well. I think this is the best thing any Man can do. And it is something that every Woman needs. If a Mom has someone to do all this even for a day it really makes a lot of difference in her life.

I’m really blessed to have a husband like Mitesh who helps me out with Avisha. She listens to everything that he tells.

The way he diverts her and plays with her is really different something that I can’t do at all. May be because of the patience level or the tension to get things done for her.

Mitesh & Avisha are my best travel buddies, he is the major reason for all my trips being so successful. Without him, nothing is possible.

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Her First Flight Story

My best friend was to get married in December in Pune. It was all planned before I Delivered. She was very stubborn that I had to come for the wedding at any cost. But I wasn’t sure. Because I had no clue on how it would be to travel with an Infant.

After Avisha was born we took multiple trips in and around Chennai. After the first few travels I kind of gained confidence to take her alone and planned for her wedding in Pune.

Pune is kind of Cold in December so I had to shop accordingly for her and I shopped light party wear stuff for myself as I had to carry her around all the time. So clothing had to be really “comfortable”.

We took a morning flight and to my surprise she did really well throughout the journey. There were other kids who cried but she was all quiet. A tip for the airhostess : Feed the baby during take off & landing.

Well this helped me a lot as it diverted her and also didn’t give her ear pain. She slept throughout the journey once we were about to land I made her wear sweater thinking it would be cold. But it wasn’t. So my fear of the cold effecting her also vanished.

We reached the hotel and got all ready for the functions, Avisha was the centre of attraction, all my friends took care of her and helped me with her. As she was 5 months and totally dependent on my feed, food was also not an issue. ( As I always say the first 6 months is the best age to travel) πŸ˜€

The functions were all in the outdoors. So Avisha enjoyed looking at the lights around. She was still small to understand a lot of things. But she knew we were out. She did not trouble me at all. It was a very comfortable stay and we really enjoyed with her.

There was one Hindrance that I faced :

As the functions was in the outdoors so for one of the night functions what I did was thinking it would be cold I made her wear Thermals and a full sleeves romper with leggings. She was all quiet and sleeping even in loud music. After she woke up suddenly she started crying I never really understood what happened then I realised that may be it would be her dress so I removed her clothes and changed her to something breezy. She settled post that.

A child’s comfort is really important. It it all on us how we understand their situation and react.

Things that made this stay comfortable :
❇️ No food Issues.
❇️ The climate was pleasant.
❇️I carried a Pram so that helped as well.
❇️I would Swaddle her so making her sleep or soothe her also was easy.
❇️She was used to going to everybody so I also could enjoy.
❇️ Her father really helped me get her ready so I could get ready easily.
❇️ We also took her for Shopping and she was all comfortable in the pram.

Few things we missed :

❌ Our other friends went out in the nights but we couldn’t.
❌ Missed being my best friends Perfect bridesmaid.
❌ Was late for a function because she was sleeping.
❌ Couldn’t really spend time with other friends.

But I’m really glad that I could be a part of my best friend’s wedding and Avisha really cooperated well and did good. 😊

Putting up few pictures of the Pune Wedding Series :

I would love to hear from you on how was your experience at a friend’s wedding with a baby.
Comment below and also share your views on this.

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Birthday Getaway πŸŽ‰ 2017

15 days post her first Trip we went to a resort in ECR called Temple Bay ! It was actually a surprise planned by my husband for my birthday.

We did a 2 night 3 days stay there. This time I was all alone to take care of her, but I was kind of confident that I’ll be able to manage.

My first Hazard :
On our way to the destination we stopped by to have lunch, while we were eating she started feeling hungry so I went to the car park to feed her. I got into the car, it was September but was terribly hot. I didn’t realise that I didn’t turn on the AC and I started feeding her.

She started howling after 2 minutes because the car was parked in an open area so it’d got all heated up, moreover the AC was not on the windows were closed and above all my feeding gown.

Boyyy, she turned red. I freaked out. I tried calling my husband but he didn’t answer. Finally a driver from outside noticed and he came in and turned the AC on. That was a relief.

Learnings from this :

πŸ‘‰ When going to a restaurant, make sure the baby is done with their part of feeding, only then we can enjoy our meal.
πŸ‘‰ If your planning to feed in the car make sure you turn the AC on.
πŸ‘‰Always try and feed the baby somewhere inside, let it be even inside the restaurant as long as you have a feeding gown over.πŸ‘‰If you notice the baby crying immediately, change the atmosphere ( I should have got down from the car immediately rather than panicking in that situation. I lost my cool and my mind didn’t work looking at her cry that way)

After we reached our destination we kind off relaxed and decided to get out only in the late evening.

We went to the restaurant & ordered food, this time I made sure I would feed Avisha and then take her. So I fed her and she slept in the Pram, correctly when our food arrived she started crying and we had to take her out for a round, the hospitality there was so good that they helped us by taking her around and we finished our dinner.

After dinner, we walked around the resort clicked a few pictures. She was super happy and was enjoying.

My husband had different plans for me, so when I entered the room, I saw it fully decorated with Balloons and there lay my birthday cake. All the three of us cut the cake, sang & danced together. It was a perfect evening. Avisha did cry in between but I could divert her & manage her.

Next morning I got up startled. We kept the AC on throughout the night, Avisha got up for her midnight feed so while feeding her I slept off without noticing that she is outside her bed. (I carried the mosquito net covered bed this time as well) She wasn’t even covered with a blanket.

She was Cold in the morning and crying terribly.

This was the 2nd Hazard that I faced.

Action taken ?
I immediately took her out in the sun and gave her a massage. I had an Ayurvedic Oil at that point which I used to apply on her for Cold. So I used that to massage her so that it could radiate heat into her body and staying under the sun also helped.

She then became fine and was back to her normal self.

Learning out of this situation :
πŸ‘‰We should always set the AC temperature according to the comfort of the baby.
πŸ‘‰We should never sleep feed the baby, especially when we know that we are super tired.

I should have at least covered her with a blanket while feeding her.

The second day morning after our breakfast my husband and me decided to go for a swim. But how do we with Avisha around ?

So what we did was we opted for a small pool and put her in the pram by the pool & played some music.

This way she was also fine and we also enjoyed our swim. Though we stayed in for around 20 minutes. We would have a constant eye on her & take turns and go. One of us would always be next to her.

That evening we just chilled around by the beach and in the garden clicked a few pictures. We stayed there that night as well and left the next morning.

It was overall an amazing trip. A well planned memorable birthday.

Resort Details :
Mahabalipuram Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Using a public toilet has always been a nightmare. I’m easily prone to UTI. So I always used to prefer not using the loo. And wait to get back home. ( I know it’s something not advisable but I used to do that)

A few days back I received a product from Peebuddy India, who in collaboration with First Step & Sirona are spreading awareness about Peebuddy. Worlds first Female Urinating Device.

Often while Travelling let it be by nay means we are a little reluctant to use the toilets also while shopping let it be a Mall or local markets it’s not easy for we ladies to use the toilets but now with the help of this device we can go outdoors in ease.

We don’t have to hunt for a clean toilet, or waste time cleaning the toilet or covering it with tissues or bending.

This is a really easy to use, a must have product for all the ladies. It is very useful. Yes I have tried it out. I always carry one along with me. It’s easily available on http://www.peebuddy.com.

So why wait. Hurry up and take a step towards hygiene.

Switch Over – Johnsons Cafe Meet πŸ’•

On the 29/10/2018

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the launch of the new Johnsons baby range in Chennai. It was a Cafe meet in Writer’s Cafe, Gopalapuram.

It was one Amazing experience. Right from the minute I entered there was something new I was experiencing. Basically it was my first experience as a blogger so definitely had a wonderful experience !!

The people around were undoubtedly highly knowledgeable all from different areas of expertise.

There was so much positivity in the room, it really felt so nice to see so many independent women. Thanks to the web for giving us so many amazing opportunities.

Coming to the product, well Johnsons has always been my childhood favourite, but when I was pregnant and did research on what product to use for my baby, I never really trusted Johnsons because of all the rumours around. I was feeling bad that I betrayed the brand.

I bought another Brand for my baby but used Johnsons for myself. So after attending this particular workshop I had all my doubts cleared.

The new range of Johnson’s has improved in various ways. First & Foremost they have taken out three of the major Chemicals




This is what the world wants, reduction in the chemicals and that Johnsons has given, we as kids used Johnsons all the time and we are fit and fine so why do we doubt the brand so much now. Which brand doesn’t have chemicals ?

Organic, is just a tag !!

I wouldn’t go deep into the technicality but all I can tell is I am switching to Johnsons for Avisha & I love the new Range. From the packaging to the safety it’s the best at the moment.

Post your views below 😊

“No to Tears,
Yes to Smiles,
Johnsons & Johnsons,
All the time !! ” ✌️

Current Mood : High on Johnsons 😍


I feel so good to get back to my favourite brand for Avisha. πŸ’•πŸ’• She is soon going to be a Johnson’s Baby ToddlerπŸ’ƒ.

I Thank Momspresso & our host Prerna Wahi for spreading awareness on this !!

The first Trip πŸ’ƒ

When I was pregnant my husband & me had a lot of Conversations on how our life would be after our baby, will we go out less, will we travel less ? But we would always conclude with a statement saying we’ll get the baby used to it from an early age so it won’t be difficult for us.

Our first trip with Avisha was to a farmhouse in ECR with my entire family. As Avisha was less than two & a half months old we decided to go to a close by place and to go with our family.

Her packing ?

I travelled very lite with her. Took things which are extremely useful and as we were staying by the beach I took clothes accordingly and also carried a few lite clothes. (I’ll not go on to what and all is required to pack because that is known by almost everyone) Just two important things Nasal drops & Colic aid drops is a must.

It was a 36 hour stay, we had a small photoshoot for her over there and also that was the time when she took her first dip into the huge tub. (For her first experience in the Pool refer to my previous post)

We travelled by Car, she slept well and took her feed properly so the drive was comfortable. She slept almost throughout the journey. I wrapped her into a baby carrier so it kept her cozy and it was easy to carry her.

I wouldn’t go in-depth, the overall trip was an amazing one. Since I travelled with her for the first time I was a little nervous but because of my Mom being along I could manage.


Tip No 1 : While travelling with an infant for the first time, travel along with an elder.

Tip No 2 : Opt for a location close by within the duration of 3-4 hours.

As Avi was only dependent on my feed so the food part of the journey was sorted.

Tip No 3 : Travel how much ever you want in the first 6 months as you don’t have the tension of feeding the baby.

Tip No 4 : Make sure you wear clothes which will help you to feed the baby easily, also carry a feeding gown as you might have to feed in public as well.

Tip No 5 : Make sure the baby is also in comfortable clothes.

We did a mini photoshoot for her there, she did good in the start but after one point she started crying terribly. I got scared didn’t really understand why was she crying. It’d become very tough to control her.

So this was the hazard that I faced during the trip. Now let’s see why did she cry & how did I over come it.

Reason for her Cry ?

It was too hot so she got tried & drained out because of which she started crying.

What action did I take ?

I took her to an air-conditioned room immediately & tried feeding her but that didn’t work, so I played soft music for her, songs that she likes and also gave her a massage. She felt little relaxed after that and then I swaddled her & fed her, which put her to sleep immediately.

Tip No 6 : Be careful of the climatic conditions outside.

Tip No 7 : Don’t tire the baby just for your happiness, we don’t realise the baby doesn’t really enjoy all of this in the begining stage.

She also enjoyed looking at the people around her, she played a lot & also slept a lot.

Tip No 8 : Don’t let everyone carry the baby, let the baby be in his/her own comfort zone. Kids generally don’t like to be carried a lot.

How did I manage her Sleeping ?

So I carried her net bed along, that helped me protect her from mosquitoes. I made her sleep where everyone was sitting, as she was used to sleeping even if there was noise around.

On our way back also she slept comfortably and we drove back home safely.

Tip No 9 : Always let someone experienced Drive as it’s really important to drive carefully while travelling with an Infant.

Lastly but the most important Tip,

Tip No 10 : Momma’s as y’all are new to motherhood, your diet would have been simple until now, so when you travel make sure of what your eating as that might effect your baby.

I’ll share my post pregnancy diet plan soon πŸ™‚

This was the first trip that we took I’ll come up with more in the upcoming blogs.

Do share your feedback and for any queries so feel free to email or comment below.